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  1. If I'm taking off my Josh Allen tinted glasses for a moment (they make you see weird things in the redone anyway) then Miami are the division favorites and the Jets are now the hot team coming good at just the right time. NE is like a pimple on everyone's ass. not pretty at all and constantly reminding you that they're there. Bills really need to recapture their early season form they had up until the KC game. They looked majestic back then but have really struggled since. Every win looks difficult and Allen is having to do way too much. I'm hoping Dorsey can adjust his play calls to get Knox more involved as well as the new guy Hines. This Thursday will tell us a lot about how things will pan out down the stretch. If NE handle the Bills fairly easily then even at 8-4 you'd have to think Buffalos playoff chances take a big hit because they have tougher games to come. the defense is in a tough spot at the moment and the Pats will try to run all over them plus they're out for revenge after getting humiliated in the WC game last season. if Bills play like they did vs Detroit then they're cooked
  2. I'm not talking about jets fans, I'm talking about the national media. They're all making excuses for Lamar today instead of just saying he's an idiot.
  3. You haven't seen the full picture. This is what Zach was looking at on his tablet
  4. The world we live in now sadly. These idiots will do anything to get a few more likes in social media, even if it involves humiliating themselves. If I acted like that every time the Bills lost a heartbreaker I'd have no furniture left
  5. Jackson is a moron. What the hell did this fan say that was so offensive anyway? He made a very valid point that they would be better spending that money on building a solid team. Jackson isn't going to like that but he acts like the guy was throwing racial slurs at him. Then he comes back with the classic "what have you done with your life?" type stuff. Just because the guy isn't famous he must be a loser. He literally has no idea what this guy has or hasn't achieved. It just shows what an arrogant prick he is and how he thinks he's above any level of criticism. Zach Wilson got crucified for saying "no" in a press conference but Jackson will get away with this Scott free because he has an MVP under his belt. I think it's kind of funny that the big gamble he made in the offseason is blowing up in his face. God forbid he shouldn't be the highest paid player in the league!
  6. The know the scene in Forrest Gump when Jenny places his hand on her bare breast and he has an accident all over her roommate's bathrobe? Well...
  7. Having Nathan Peterman start for your team is like asking Michael Myers over to babysit the kids
  8. This is the one I'm watching since the Bills have played already. Looking forward to it. You guys may set the INT record with Nate playing!
  9. When it started and the old ladies were introducing themselves I honestly thought it was a new show where Zach Wilson picks a date
  10. Bills had a HUGE list of crap QBs after Kelly. Only a couple of 1st rounders but Losman, Manuel, Peterman, Edwards, the list goes on
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