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  1. I read that title as "Steak under John Wayne Gacey" I thought what the hell does that have to do with the Jets?
  2. You can laugh but with the Way the NFL is it really wouldn't surprise me if the Jets won. You beat the Titans after all
  3. To be fair the Jets haven't won a SB since the 60s. You can't blame fans for being pissed off
  4. Serious question: are you being sarcastic when you say this stuff or is it what you believe? Just wondering
  5. I just said the same thing before reading your post. Completely agree. He's been anointed the savior by a fanbase who is DESPERATE for a turnaround, that has the most critical media in the entire league. I get the feeling he's so desperate to please that he's pressing. It could also be a negative in the sense that he wants to prove how great he is and is putting that above the team. Hard to tell. Either way the rest would benefit him you would think.
  6. Do you not think it's a tad premature to write the kid off after 5 games? With QBs you can't say for sure until their second year. I watched the start of the game yesterday and Wilson made some nice throws before his injury. I personally feel he's trying too hard (similar to Mahomes at the moment). This break will do him good
  7. The guy is incredible. But hindsight is never a good idea with the high draft picks. The ones that pop seem so obvious after the fact, the ones that fail seem so obvious before the draft.
  8. Despite the difference in our records, I'll be a bit worried if Wilson's first game back is against the Bills. I remember Josh Allen getting an injury break during his rookie year and he had a pretty good first game back where things had seemed to slow down for him.
  9. Looking forward to watching this during my bye week. Titans and KC will be the other I'm keeping an eye on. I hope Wilson makes Belichick throw a phone
  10. You can't trust Warner. He bagged my groceries once and didn't double bag and the bottom near fell out
  11. This is great, ruined only by the Little House on the Prairie music
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