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  1. For a while now I've been saying Jets will finish 2nd in the East and advance to the playoffs. I'm sticking with that. To me it's between who progresses better out of Tua and Wilson and my money is on Wilson. I also think we split the season with the Jets
  2. He's a tough guy for sure, but he seems a little clueless to me. I can imagine Dan Campbell being late to the office because he got lost in the revolving door
  3. Goff and Campbell come off a little clownish or stoopid to me. I feel like you'd be in the alleyway getting ready to rumble and then you'd look up and see this walking toward you
  4. Me too. Mine is the Model Z19, just imported from Japan
  5. She's pretty hot but all she did on our date was talk about herself and then insisted my balls were too big. plus, when I threw her on the bed a ref ran into the room and threw a pair of yellow panties at me
  6. I had mine this morning
  7. I think all the women he mistreated should be invited to massage his naked body while wearing barbed wire gloves
  8. I hate to rain on your parade, Jets fans, but the Bills signed a guard named Van Roten yesterday. I'm hearing good things about him. Looks like the kind of guy the Jets could use. How d'you like them (rotten) apples?
  9. All things being equal I think I'd rather be at home with Baker than Deshaun
  10. Yeah, you'd think he'd be better suited to arm wrestling
  11. I used to know a guy who did it all the time. He described outer body experiences that terrified me. I stuck to weed and the occasional amphetamines.
  12. Have Phins fans soiled their pantyhose yet about Wilson being 7 places higher than Tua? Edit: lol yes they have: https://finheaven.com/threads/chris-simms-what-a-tool.372839/
  13. I thought this was a poem at first and then was genuinely disappointed when it didn't rhyme
  14. Color code: Me: brown leather Ray Liotta's death: yellow
  15. I searched for this and couldn't find anything. Wilson is pretty much a cert to attend Kittle's TE university in June, along with other QBs including Josh Allen and Trey Lance. Credit to him, he's doing a lot of off season work to improve. Also as Eisen points out, should help him since he has a couple of new TE's on the roster this year. Talked about here on Rich Eisen at around the 5:55 mark.
  16. I think the Browns are the new Browns
  17. The man was understandably shocked when the doctor gave him the news
  18. It's amazing what gets swept under the rug when you're a great football player. I always laugh when they talk about the charges and then say "but he's a hell of a QB". I mean in regular life you never hear people say "this guy I work with has been arrested for rubbing his junk against multiple non consensual women... but on the plus side he makes a mean mac and cheese".
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