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  1. So you’d prefer 1-16 with Zach Wilson over 8-8 with Geno?
  2. The lions are in better shape than us going fwd
  3. Mac Jones was the second best QB in the draft after Trevor. A lot of people called it last Spring before the draft But he’s not very good unless he’s facing a Robert Saleh defense and Wilson just turned it over in jet territory
  4. Name me the ranked defenses Zach Wilson played well against in college you guys act like it’s a surprise when he sucks facing the Falcons crap D
  5. Geno in his rookie year went 8-8 You gonna use CMC as an excuse for that too?
  6. What trial? There’s no criminal charges and the civil suits are getting settled
  7. Why would Watson be suspended? He hasn’t been charged with s
  8. Was he even drafted? If he’s looking more capable than Wilson wow
  9. Well luckily for the Zack Cultists he’s not playing the next 4 games. If he was, oh boy.
  10. I really triggered you by bringing up your defending Macagnan eh?
  11. To be fair the defense until last Sunday overachieved. Our offense with Zach has not been able to stay on the field let alone score in the first half of games Our secondary is not talented. Without Maye it’s even worse it’s easily the worst secondary in the league It sounds like Woody is setting up Saleh and Lefleur to be the fall guys for this latest disaster season but the real problem is JD and Zach Wilson
  12. Why are Jets fans in such delusionworld over Zach Wilson’s stinkage? You can make all the excuses possible he’s been mostly terrible. The second pick overall in the draft shouldn’t be worse than Mike White
  13. An empty Powerade bottle can evaluate talent better than our last 3 GMs And it’s not hindsight. I warned you guys that Wilson wasn’t good and got called a retard
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