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  1. Jets making a big boy move, a playoff move. Let's go. Doesn't mean we're going to the super bowl. It does mean Joe and Saleh are serious but putting this team in a position to win.
  2. I don't see the fit. If Rodgers doesn't work out, we might be reaching no matter what we do.
  3. The move makes sense. Good guy. He'll land somewhere as a backup.
  4. Becton's reply to you: "What are those?"
  5. How is this even an option. Go all in, sell the future to win a SB. SBs are so hard to come by.
  6. Exactly how I feel right now. I think Zach might be back as #2 or #3
  7. Who care at this point. Strevler would be an incompetent move, but go ahead and play him. Play Zach and have the Bloomingdale guys ready to take him away afterwards. Play Joe and have the undertaker ready to take him away. WHO CARES.
  8. MW is not the future, at all, at all. Neither is Carr. Please, for the love, do not go after G Min either. I know I'm not proposing a solution. I'm just complaining. But we are the Jets, and we are right back to doing Jetsy things. Order of the universe has been restored. Maybe keep White around for the practice squad.
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