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  1. This is how I feel. I don’t think the win record will be above .500 this year, but I think our wins are trending up now. I think there is competent leadership and the right players coming in. I think this is a legit rebuild. Excited for the season.
  2. I think most of us expect more wins. But if the team looks good, and if Zach is coming along, I think a lot of us would be satisfied with 6-9 wins. Is that satisfactory to you, or are you more along the lines of playoffs or bust?
  3. You have the Jets winning 12 and Bills winning 11?
  4. Breece Hall is at 7.9. According to their methodology that means "Potential Impact Player/Second Round" This does not compute. Breece is considered a First Round Talent by many (RBs. are just not taken as high as in the past). I don't think he was considered a "potential" impact player either, rather "immediate" impact. The scale is flawed. Top five picks are for QBs, OTs, Edges, and the occasional WR or CB. A generational talent at Guard or DL or LB or Safety or TE would probably not be a #1 pick.
  5. In general, this is feeling/looking so much better! Hamsah and Jamien were drafted to develop into this exact role (long, rangy LB with coverage skills). Nice to have the option of Joyner, but there is a lot of buzz about Pinnock's strong showing so far. Excited to see what he does.
  6. It'll be fun to see what he becomes. Might easily outplay his draft position (might not).
  7. There are lots of examples of two featured backs working well together. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara come immediately to mind. They might not be the best example. If the O line plays well, then these guys will both be chewing up yards. And if they are chewing up yards, the PA game will be working. And if Zach can make the easy reads, the run game will open up even more. LaFleur likes to get creative. Excited/Interested to see how he play calls with a decent lead (might be 10 or 11 games before we get there). I think he'll be creative. Multiple running backs will get plenty of touches.
  8. I agree. I think he's going to work out, but I think it is completely unacceptable if his completion % is not pretty good this year. With this offense, it can be very good. 63-65% is average in the league. I also think his TD:Interception ratio has to be decent.
  9. Q might surprise some people this year. The way the coaches have explained his injury last year and how he was always a step behind, he might be a beast. The Mekhi situation is maddening, period. When you think about how Carl Lawson talks and acts about his injury and rehab compared to Mekhi, it causes concern. Hope he comes back and dominates. Boomer E. (I think it was him) said he wouldn't be surprised if he was cut in camp. I don't see that, but the coaches are frustrasted. Denzel is done. Was done when the new coaches came in. Jeff Smith will be prioritized over him. I love Zach. But I also get where the doubters are coming from. He has to perform! AVT = stud. Elijah = stud. Michael Carter = stud. Bryce has a role. MC II has a role. Echols and Pinnock are looking up. Excited to see what Hamsah and Jamien do the next couple of years.
  10. Multiple interesting players to watch including Travon Walker, Derek Stingley, and Thibs. (1) Travon was drafted for his freakish size. He is going to be a beast or not worth the #1, no two ways around it. (2) Stingley coming off that injury will be interesting to see what happens. Sauce just feels a lot safer than Stingley, and he might end up being the better player too. (3) The takes on Thibs have been so all over the place that you don't know what he'll be. He's certainly got the swag though. Something to watch play out: Giants could have got Ickey at 5 and still snagged Thibs at 7. Instead Ickey went at 6, and Giants grabbed Neal at 7. Interested if anyone has legit insights on why JJ dropped? Watching Flight 2022, it appears even the pundits had no idea why he was dropping.
  11. It's over. Nuff said. Write "10 wins" in stone. Who even is this guy by the way???
  12. The Mike White stuff is hilarious. He is really bad. I can't believe he's getting 2.5 mil. Good for him snagging that money with "first round talent" according to Mike White himself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  13. All I know is I love this guy’s work ethic, attitude, and how he treats his teammates. Maybe he wears his emotions on his sleeve a little. Love his passion.
  14. We would absolutely take that with the running game going. If he protects the ball, he should be able to approach a 3:1 TD to Touchdown Ratio.
  15. If I was Baker Mayfield . . . I would not play the victim card, or the act butthurt, or show any self pity in the slightest way. My attitude would be "I appreciate the Browns and thank them for all they've done and I am excited to move on and work my butt off." He can be honest about the situation, and that it's obvious he should move on without any finger pointing. Take utter and total accountability and tell teams you want to work your butt off and prove to them what you can do.
  16. And if he goes back to his rookie form, the board will conveniently forget all the concerns.
  17. What's fun is it feels like we have some good years ahead due to the young talent and leadership that seems to know what they're doing. Even if we have a so-so win record year, we'll probably be better. Even if things are still coming together this year, it will be a fun group to watch knowing next year will be better. Even if ZW doesn't pan out, go get a FA and put him with a great core of players. Even if Becton doesn't pan out, our O line is pretty good and another piece or two will make it top tier. Even if the defense has struggles this year, we can see pieces are being put in place and things will come along. It's a fun time to be a JETS fan. I somewhat compare it to being a Chargers fan for the last couple of years. They've not been in the playoffs, but it is obvious they are coming along (although I don't think most of us feel about Zach they way they do about Herbert).
  18. Seems like he could be scary good. Lots of raw talent. Saleh said he's the pick of this years draft that he's excited to see how he plays out (could be a steal). He's a different sort of guy. Fun to watch in the press conferences. He seems thoughtful and well spoken too.
  19. Need him to play well. Tackle is already a question mark. We don't need any worries at Center.
  20. Right, makes sense. And Lawson is not practicing and no one is losing their mind. Becton just feels different, and it's probably in part that he was a first rounder and such an important position.
  21. It would be unreasonable not to have some questions. Doesn’t mean we have to go scorched earth, but there are multiple things starting to add up.
  22. I thought we were taking Ickey. I think JD was holding out hope. Need to get on signing a solid FA.
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