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  1. Strong winds, Short drops by the QB, quick passes should equal some hands up by the Defensive line to bat down some passes. Or tip them up for pick 6's baby !!!
  2. WAYYYY to many. Part of changing the perception and "Culture" of the NY Jets falls on the fans. If you can't show up while the team is winning and fighting for the division AT LEAST sell your seats to a Jets fan. Excuses are running out. With a defense like this a loud home field advantage could actually win us a game. Show up and rock out !
  3. Good. Now take that money and give it to Bryce Huff !!!
  4. Why is he saying Douglas is starting Wilson? Pretty sure the coaches make that call.
  5. They are going to have to implement much of the same pass blocking plan as they did against Myles Garrett and the Browns. Backs chipping the RDE almost every play to give us a chance. It worked relatively well vs the Browns. No reason it can't work vs Pitt.
  6. 100% Lith. First two games were run heavy so I totally got why he may be a scratch. But when he wasn't active last week it was a head scratcher.
  7. It's time to let this kid off the chain. He should be pissed off from being inactive the first three weeks and we need a spark up front. Let Jacob Martin take the week off. Speed and violence !
  8. Stop the run/screen game to earn the right to rush the QB. Make them one dimensional THEN kill Burrow.
  9. Agreed. He should be up this week. He's fresh and brings more speed than Martin.
  10. The first two gams were vs heavy running teams where holding the edge and not letting a guy like Lamar run all over us. This is more of a "Normal" NFL offense with a balanced attack if not a little heavy on the pass. If they can stop the run/screen game early I se this defense having a coming out party.
  11. Are McDermott and Edoga eligible for the practice squad? They have played alot of snaps on active rosters.
  12. I see another move coming there too. Scary to think he is the only backup.
  13. I thought Colman hit the hole better than any of our backs. Wish Carter would learn from him a bit. Too much dancing at times on inside runs.
  14. Agreed. Injuries are going to happen and your once deep WR room gets thin quick, Unless they get a great offer for Mims I think he stays.
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