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  1. I guess the best case scenario is for Wilson to play well but the team loses right? If we get the #1 pick we could trade that for a kings ransom?
  2. Seahawks pick lands at #24 Projected record: 6-11 Average draft position: 8.5 FPI chance to earn No. 1 pick: 9.7% FPI chance to earn top-five pick: 41.4% Stat to know: Second-year defensive lineman Quinnen Williams ranked fourth in the league in pass rush win rate as an interior defender (17%). Even better, his run stop win rate as an interior defender was the best in the NFL (49%). His 7.0 sacks were tied for the second-most of any player in the AFC East, trailing only Miami's Emmanuel Ogbah (9.0). Projected Top 5 picks 1. Houston 2. Detroit 3. NYJ 4.Jax 5. Philly
  3. Lol jags came out and said that wasn’t true. Urban was opening them up to all kinds of grievances from the union with those comments.
  4. Came across this article. Shows that first game stats are pretty meaningless in predicting long term outcome. Keep this in mind as there will be massive overreaction to this one game. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2018/09/10/rookie-starting-quarterbacks-2008-streak-nfl-debut Finishing the list Baker Mayfield W NYJ 17/23 201 yds 0TD/0INT Josh Allen L LAC 18/33 245 yds 1 TD/ 2 INT 32 rush yds Josh Rosen L SEA 15/27 180 yds 1 TD/0 INT Lamar Jackson W CIN 13/19 150 Yds 0 TD/1 INT 26 rushes 119 yds Kyler Murray T Detroit 29/54 308 yds 2 TD/ 1 INT Daniel Jones W TB 23/36 336 yds 2 TD/0 INT 28 rush yds 2 TD Drew Lock W LAC 18/28 134yds 2 TD/1 INT Joe Burrow L LAC 23/36 196yds 0 TD/1 INT 46 rush yds 1 TD Justin Herbert L KC 22/33 311 yds 1 TD/ 1 INT 18 rush yds 1 TD Tua Tagovaloia W LAR 12/22 93yds 1 TD/0 INTs
  5. It’s the NFL. You never know what’s going to happen. Last year the Jets played in 7 games that were up for grabs. They managed to win two of them. Some years like in 2013 and 2017 bad teams are able to eek out a few more of those. Id expect the Jets to have about two games where they thoroughly beat their opponent, seven that are up for grabs, and eight where they are just outclassed.
  6. For me it’s Josh Adams. He seems to run hard and perform well every time he’s given an opportunity. He deserved to make the team over Coleman and Perine.
  7. Except he can’t move. Sacked 4 times already.
  8. Im not impressed with Jones at all. No mobility and a water pistol arm.
  9. Excellent game for Dimes. He’s going to have a monster year https://twitter.com/nflnetwork/status/1432122125708496896?s=20
  10. Here is the thing though. The OL has been terrific in the preseason games. They’ve run the ball well and both Zach Wilson and Josh Johnson had plenty of time.
  11. New Orleans is a terrific city. Hope everyone down there makes it through OK. This storm seems like it could be pretty bad. #StayStrong
  12. Dolphins are sitting Tua because they are getting DW
  13. I’m thinking 2 wins is the floor and 5 wins is the ceiling. The offensive line is still a mess and we all know the defense is going to be terrible. Good news is that there is a rookie QB and plenty of young players that will make games worth watching. Wouldn’t be shocked if the Jets are in contention the have the first overall pick.
  14. With Lawson and Curry done they needed to do something. In a throwaway season you aren’t giving up anything more than a 6th rounder. It was a very reasonable move. Lawson isn’t great but he’s at least a legit NFL player on the edge.
  15. Definitely a confidence building game for him. Cowboys defense looked pretty lost out there.
  16. Like it. Quality veteran who knows the division.
  17. Against Cowboys backups, but has been pretty much perfect.
  18. Even if the allegations are in play what’s the downside? He probably is suspended for 6-8 games. It’s a throwaway season anyway. Can you manage the PR hit?
  19. Prior to the draft and the whole Watson sexual assault fiasco this would have been a no brainer. Id probably say no, but it’s enticing. #1 QB is fixed #2 keeps him away from Dolphins
  20. Look at the starting defense DT-Quinnen Willliams-3rd overall pick DT-Sheldon Rankins-Mid/Top tier FA DE-John Franklin Myers-Claimed off waivers DE-Bryce Huff-2nd year UDFA OLB-Jamien Sherwood-Day 3 rookie MLB-CJ Mosley-Big ticket FA OLB-Hamsah Nasirildeen-Day 3 rookie CB-Bryce Hall-Day 3 2nd year player SS-Marcus Maye-2nd round pick/franchise player FS-Larmarcus Joyner-mid tier free agent CB-Bless Austin Day 3 third year player Slot-Javelin Guidry- 2nd year UDFA
  21. I love Josh Adams. Guy just hits the hole and goes.
  22. Morgan looks like Frankenstein on those rollouts
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