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  1. I think Josh Adams and Ty Johnson look better than Michael Carter. Carter is too small.
  2. It’s the eye test. He just looks more comfortable throwing the football. Gase definitely messed with him (he looked different). Not sure how you can watch his 2018 tape and his 2019 and 2020 tape and not notice the differences.
  3. look at the way he’s setting up in the shotgun. As a rookie he had an open stance. Gase closed him up. He looks different-a lot more like the guy we saw in 2018 that had a lot of promise. I’d imagine Rhule and Brady are trying to remove the stench of Gase from him.
  4. If Zach Wilson was doing what Josh Johnson is doing we would be thrilled LOL
  5. The Jets have been running some variety of the 3-4 for 15 years. It was always going to be a big adjustment. Got to think Quinnen and Rankins will make a big difference.
  6. Well those guys would all be backups on a good defense.
  7. Our top 3 corners 2020 5th round pick 2019 7th round pick 2020 UDFA
  8. We don’t have the personnel to run the defense Saleh likes. It’s going to be a long season.
  9. How’s that fair to the fans? All Brakes No Gas!
  10. Keep in mind Saleh and LaFluer were on the 49ers staff who criticized the MetLife turf. This is a big FU to the fans who paid $ the I see Zach Wilson.
  11. Well that’s a buzzkill. Might as well go drive Uber now.
  12. You’ve Quinnen Williams, CJ Mosley, Marcus Maye and Rankins. joyner is a mid tier FA Other than that it’s a ton of question marks. Sherwood, Nasirdeen, Bryce Hall, Bless Austin, Bryce Huff, JFM, Foley, Bless, Guidry-all late round guys, camp bodies, UDFAs
  13. Literally after the first quarter of week 1 you knew that team had a chance to go 0-16. Breshad Perriman and Chris Hogan were the two starting WR
  14. Anyone recall when Hack looked legit on his first preseason drive?
  15. Just another guy who gets to say “Mike McCagnan made me a rich man”
  16. His replacement is doing a great job. All over the training camp reports.
  17. Loggains is Tight Ends coach for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Bush is LB coach for the Atlanta Falcons.
  18. Seems like a very positive guy.
  19. He’s been gone in favor of Sam Darnold twice
  20. I really like Dan Feeney. He chugs beer and has a mullet.
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