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  1. Connor is not a Jets fan. He is a sports reporter assigned to cover the team. The same is true for 80-90% of the NY beat writers. That’s the difference between this town and everywhere else. The guys who cover the Jacksonville Jaguars are die-hard Jaguars fans.
  2. This is typical. Any negative press this time of year tends to annoy people. There will plenty of negativity to go around once the regular season begins. Also judging by our experience with Sanchez, Geno (to a lesser extent), and Darnold any negativity towards Wilson this year will cause a major uproar on Jets Twitter.
  3. Did I read that Becton sh*t himself? Wait until Cowherd catches wind of that!
  4. To be fair it’s too early to write off anybody other than Morgan. Even Perine could be a contributor.
  5. 3 starters (Becton, Hall, and Mann) Mims, Davis, Zuniga, and Morgan look like misses.
  6. Urban was never coming here unless the Johnsons fired Joe Douglas.
  7. He was almost run out of town for the Green and White scrimmage
  8. You guys seriously can’t be spiking the football after two preseason games.
  9. Skip Bayless got rich and famous off of ridiculous hot takes stemming from Tebow a decade ago.
  10. Zach has pretty much been operating a 7 on 7 drill. This is way different for Lawrence. Saints have legit DL out there.
  11. Trevor going up against NO starters. Really none of this matters. It will likely be years before we get a true read on these kids.
  12. Jets fans rooted for the Jags for about 10 weeks last year. Go Saints!
  13. Who is comparing him to Dan Marino? Two weeks ago the media was eviscerating him for his G&W scrimmage performance. I think even the most ardent Wilson supporters will agree that the jury is still out.
  14. Because he’s leading the Anti-Wilson brigade.
  15. Excited to see him light up the Saints backups tonight like Wilson, Fields, Jones, and Lance.
  16. Sewell is only 20 years old and has only started 18 college games. Always thought the hype on him was over the top. I am sure he will have a great career, but he’s not Orlando Pace day 1 hall of fame type.
  17. I think Lance ends up being the best QB in the draft. He’s a bit raw, but his talent is off the charts. He looks a lot like Mahomes.
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