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  1. Lance perfect on that TD drive. That will shut up Cowherd.
  2. Not surprising a lot of these kids who sat out last year are looking rusty (Chase, Lance, Sewell).
  3. I feel like resting starters is a bit off brand for Joe Judge
  4. I live in South Jersey and got a replay of Eagles vs Pats. It was nuts. The game was on with Michael Carter going back for a kick and then it just turned to Eagles vs Pats.
  5. His green and white scrimmage performance was a national news story that got to Cowherd somehow.
  6. Really not surprised the Jets are struggling today. Got to imagine the team is ready to go home at this point after the Lawson injury.
  7. Sounds like it’s going to be pretty unwatchable. GB is sitting everyone.
  8. 2011-Santonio Holmes $24.5MM guaranteed 2012-Mark Sanchez $20.5MM guaranteed 2014-Eric Decker $15MM guaranteed 2015-Darrelle Revis $39MM guaranteed 2016-Muhammad Wilkerson $37MM guaranteed 2018-Trumaine Johnson $45MM guaranteed 2019-LeVeon Bell $27.5MM guaranteed 2019-CJ Mosley $43.5MM guaranteed 2021-Carl Lawson $30MM guaranteed Obviously ZERO playoff appearances during this time frame. People rip the Johnsons, but I would lose my mind if I was them. No wonder they didn’t want to pay Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye.
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