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  1. I don't care if you don't care about the Packers. No one has a gun to head asking you to read my comments. The fact you seem obsessed with me is concerning, hence me noticing you swinging from my sack in nearly every thread. The comment you starting crying about and thumbing down was about a rumor involving the Chiefs. The Packers and Chiefs are contenders, teams the masses care about. That was my point. This why these rumors are coming fast and furious. Hope things work out for you.. Take a little toke now and again. Life isn't that serious. Life is grand.
  2. You seem to care a lot. You swing from my balls in practically every thread I post in.
  3. Haha, and yes, "the book" isn't official on what GMs go by when making a trade. A lot of things factor in a trade. There isn't some set official chart they use. The Packers and Chiefs(2 contenders) both will probably draft a WR in the first so the rumors are coming fast and furious. Never a dull moment in draft month.
  4. Yes, because you know what it would take to get the deal done, right? The Chiefs aren't interested. Sorry Joe Douglas, or Jets fan playing Joe Douglas on a fan forum. It's all good, be happy with Sauce at 4.
  5. Chiefs would never offer that is the point. The radio station story that the OP posted is bogus. Chiefs never did nor would offer all that to get in the Top 5 to take Wilson. Not sure what doesn't make sense to you about any of my statements. That's ok though. The headline about the Chiefs and Packers set to fight over George Pickens is real. Pickens is one of the top rated WRs in the draft. Both have expressed interest in Pickens. They both are at least making it appear they have interest. Visits and etc. They may just be blowing smoke at each other. As I said, a lot of smoke out there. Just enjoy and take it all with a grain of salt. FWIW, I do like Pickens to the Packers, but at #53.
  6. To be fair, some of those "nfl.com analysts who can't seem to get a job in NFL"..had jobs in the NFL but got fired.
  7. Jetsons reacted confused to my post because he first doesn't know who George Pickens is(pictured in post) and second because he actually believes the Jets could get 2 first rounders and a 2nd for #4.
  8. Nope, it's not Garrett Wilson. Not Jameson Williams, not Chris Olave, not Drake London..... A lot of smoke out there folks. Just kick back and enjoy the fire. The smoke will clear soon. I did enjoy the fake story about the Chiefs wanting to trade their 2 first round picks and a second to move up to the Top 5. That was amusing.
  9. *Davante has said since he was a child that his dream is to play for the Raiders. In meetings with the FO and coaches after the playoff loss, Tae requested that the Packers trade him to Las Vegas. Numerous times in pressers over the years Tae stated it has always been his dream to play for the Raiders. I am sorry that Davante switching teams started you down this path of thinking every quality WR in the NFL is available for the Jets to bring into the fold.
  10. I would need to see Williams after adding some strength and weight. I don't want this stick on my team right now. The worst blocking WR in the draft. Can't get off defenders. Sketchy hands in traffic. Add in the knee, and I am off him in the first round. The Packers and Chiefs are both at least trying to make it seem like they are very interested in George Pickens. I like him a lot more in the 2nd round for the Packers than I do at 22 or 28.
  11. McShay has no clue with Garrett Wilson to the Jets at #4. This is even less likely than the Jets drafting Drake London, that bitonti is guaranteeing. I still see the Jets going defense in the first. I can almost hear the discussions between Saleh and Douglas.
  12. Ikem Ekwonu at #4 would trigger most Jets fans. I will never understand why OT is not a sexy enough pick for some. This is the heart and soul of your team. If Ekwonu slid to 22 I would be very ok with the Packers drafting him. Ikem at RT and Bakhtiari at LT is heaven. As far as WRs, I now see the Saints getting Olave. Goodie for them. I do also like Dotson from PSU. Best hands in the draft and it's not close. Would like the Pack to get him in the 2nd, but not sure he slides that far. Not that you asked.
  13. Well, you don't get off that easy. What WR would you personally want the Jets to draft? I get that you want to say that Drake is who Douglas is going to draft, but I think you also want the Jets to draft London. If not him, who? I personally am almost certain the Jets won't draft London. I don't think London goes in the Top 10.
  14. Will Smith? Never heard of him, unless you are talking about the former DE of the New Orleans Saints.
  15. Seattle isn't even entertaining offers. They are not trading him. The end. Jets fan: "Offer them our whole draft for DK. If they they turn that down then pivot to McLaurin" Funny thing is, McLaurin is a better and more valuable WR than DK. Not to mention the fact that Terry McLaurin is a high quality individual, and Metcalf is a sketchy human being at best. Neither is available. Not worth a discussion at this point.
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