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  1. Can you please update your depends diapers? we just wanna be safe papa
  2. I did not make this thread i do agree with poster tho waiting for the “get off my lawn “ bitches
  3. Agreed i can live with this as long as the offense is beast
  4. Told you guys. It didn’t happen on TD pass, that’s just when he felt it. soft white vanilla jeremy Lin go away
  5. Agree bro!!!!! he doesn’t need this bullsh*t negative stuff
  6. Awwwwee you poor thing do you want Metamucil tomorrow too?
  7. Oooh i like how douche Saleh mentioned Reich kept pushing it maybe he has balls
  8. Omg wah Get off my lawn I’m old and semi senile
  9. You must have no kids or players in little league The more you pressure these talented kids the better chance you ruin them
  10. No opinion but he should have signed a long term deal know your role
  11. Disagree bad leadership (parents included) can cause the yips
  12. Mims drops suck this year- agree But he didn’t have that issue last year. This clearly is because he knows the CS hates him and he’s in his own head. another failure by Saleh to “raise the players up”… how did you raise Mims up? Saleh ruined mims. Needs to be held accountable.
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