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  1. Exactly white made everyone overlook the D
  2. Fair point but never forget that TD came AFTER the supposed injury
  3. I always knew they sucked last week was a negative - false props to Saleh
  4. After tonight no decision pussy can’t play with stinger in elbow- even though the injury happened BEFORE the TD pass. good bye Fcking Mike White
  5. He could have played. It’s an elbow stinger. I’m done with him. Pussy. we have horrible players. No heart.
  6. My god best D line he has had , ever? (He said that to Aikman)
  7. The wide set is not a good play on this team
  8. Have the Jets removed from your life? and it’s not just the Owners Coaches and teams. it’s the never ending flukey weird bad horrible incidents and calls. my gosh. I think I’ll be gone 10 years sooner than my genetics say.
  9. The ONlY reason to watch this game was Mike White And guess what? he gets hurt **** our fandom
  10. The normal me would say **** this pos entitled a$$hole murderer but these kids Might be genetic freaks but they are like 3-4 years removed from being children.. literal children so sad for all RIP
  11. Sounded like 180 not “no 80” either way- that abd Omaha and other sh*t let’s the offense know it’s on bro
  12. sh*tty hack reporters Someone had to tweet that picture to Conor and sh*tmini otherwise they would not have known- classic Great move by the way!
  13. Tremendous game on so many levels. coaches looked prepared players were prepared intensity through the roof oc went back up into booth running backs are studs mosley is MVP beast game changer not just playing but between the ears all that said- that cheap helmet to helmet hit was brutal. I guess about time we get a cheap cheesy call to secure a win. But I did not like that call. But if that tuck call can be made to win a playoff game then I can live with this call a win is a win
  14. I always wonder about the psychology of people who are greatly elevated in their careers do they stick to what made them worthy of possible elevation and past lauded behavior ? or do they do what they THiNK the role requires at the expense of their identity? im utterly shocked that so far Saleh is not what we thought he was. What an incredible fake. Whether you like it or not, Saleh became hot for certain reasons. And he will be fired because he didn’t stay true to what made him interesting. id rather someone who stays true for better or worse.
  15. I even met him and have a signed pic with him as a Jet. **** this franchise How much money did we “save” losing him? Morons. Pick and sign your good players. What are you “saving” by trying to draft and develop the next crop? that’s it and that’s all you need to do pick well, keep the good ones my god
  16. It was odd to me as well inly the ****up Jets can do these things
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