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  1. Reeks of panic and desperation they are both on the hot seat because of their mutual incompetence (Joe and Rob) after getting globally embarrassed yesterday, woody called Joe.
  2. He and they can do WHATEVER the FAWK they WANT….. period what you gonna do?
  3. He won’t hurt our draft position and he can teach the Jets about the Pats. whoops Still, sign him so we can have better dressed players in the press conference after losses.
  4. Is getting? has been … for 40 plus years
  5. Ask yourself, ”why am I an a$$hole?” Come back after you figured it out see you in 5 years
  6. What you gonna do about it pussies? Can’t stop a nosebleed. Maybe the Pats can spot you losers 20 points next game? trash team
  7. Like it or not we should have went after their QB’s knees also. Call me savage but it’s the only way to stop bully there has to be a point where you stop taking it of course - will never happen
  8. I love this!!! saleh needs it Run it up!!!
  9. Setting new records of futility how much more embarrassing can it get
  10. Looked like a cheap shot on a replay they showed for like 2 seconds.
  11. Jet loss sloppy start wondering how this is happening after a bye down 2 scores turnovers to try and catch up lose 34-13
  12. LOL We will get robbed on some BS agreed but you make your own destiny too
  13. Not drafting linemen seems to not have worked out
  14. You are the town optimist props jets lose by double digits
  15. Oh yeah awesome! the sucker fans started to wise up? I’ve never met a “smart” Jets season ticket holder. Fun yes, nice yes, but truly smart? No just those sort of weird ones who are old and have spare money but you know something is off with their priorities Keep away from the stadium stop supporting trash
  16. Like the way Zach got driven into the ground with no call in Carolina? or when Darnold got suplexed with no flag? please.. the nfl is a joke
  17. You just said it you root for losing you and anyone who gives woody money ARE the problem until you correct that, you will be a loser and always root for a loser A sucker is born every minute
  18. Love it PS not proud to be so angry at these amazing gifted athletes, but these guys make themselves hard to like….
  19. Agree but the player lawsuits are not fun for wealthy people so that also contributed to the rules crap we all hate.. trust me I intimately know about the law suit part. (Behind the scenes) I can’t say any more.
  20. Why does it always help the same teams and or stars? great question
  21. Thank god we dumped these trash bags! Not just bad players but team killers. Leo secured the bag and has been ghost this year! Then proceeds to cry about being booed!!! Can’t make this sh*t up. California pussy. Sam is trash too, lost another today. Drops or no drops. Turnover machine California pussy. Jamal dropped an easy pick 6 game winner! Dog sh*t player who is all mouth.. and The icing on the cake? Geno !!!! JD is great. (Yes he had nothing to do with Geno)
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