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  1. I’m pushing 50 somehow after being in awe of hearing about literal generations of Sox and Cubs fans living complete lives with no titles, I believe this is my Jet destiny… this is why so many of us are angry dont judge us until you walk in our shoes god bless you OP
  2. He’s a ******* slot receiver my god why is this coaching staff so dense? it’s one thing to lose because of talent another thing to lose by ****ed up stubborn coaching so frustrating
  3. Love Zach love his desire to not sit back Love the forum bravado supporting his flawed logic but after his 3rd stupid pick in the Pats game this board will melt down just speaking truth
  4. The death of chuckie! wonder who saved the emails and handed them over? Of course they are bad but curious on that part
  5. Good points Moore should be slot mims should take the lid off lefleur needs to dumb down the offense we needed a vet backup badly
  6. Agree and correct me if I’m wrong I thought he had good natural accuracy in college?
  7. You are the joke no more posts from you for a month
  8. Anyone with eyes (and football IQ) knows Sam is very limited as QB, and at best MAYBE a game manager for an elite team. Maybe. For now he is just a turnover machine top 30- 36 ranked QB. great for my thanksgiving gane but not NFL beast
  9. U sure about that ? keep wasting your money on season tivketd mark ass buster
  10. Any news on how Sam is doing? this thread is aging well
  11. Agree One okay he was all alone 3 yards for first could have walked but threw across field come on son - always take the first down
  12. See, you have the feeling too. it can’t be ignored Many of us feel it. Not even playing games.
  13. Lol ok I own it But it’s not me its the universe- I just was able to see it It’s our time
  14. I don’t know why, but even BEFORE Russ Wilson got hurt, I had a feeling that we just hit that outwardly unremarkable yet pendulum shifting moment BEFORE we played Tennessee. All their injuries and then Zach breaking out but still not playing perfect, then Tampa finally burying the biggest piece of sh*t ever HC, It all just came together. this is it, this is the shift. It won’t be SB this year but we will be top of the league for the next 18 years. 4 championships and a lot of playoffs. We will look at this week as the time our future changed. This is the Mo Lewis, Marty McFly moment. Pull this thread back in 2026 and see if I’m right.
  15. Good attitude like the kid a lot But saying putting good things on tape leads me to believe he knows it’s not just the Jets …. Smart kid
  16. Agreed but Zach owns the BS picks so Geno does too! lol
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