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  1. LOL That pick keeps looking better! thanks Jamal for playing weak too!!
  2. What really burns me is that ******* pos bastard agent posting sh*t after the injury He needs to get roasted bad
  3. So many NYers moving to PA Whats your review?
  4. Bart Scott hit his literal peak in the “can’t wait” interview i literally (not figuratively) change the channel or mute it as soon as his dopey ass comes on. he thinks he’s articulate- maybe he is for a linebacker with a low IQ, but he is a difficult listen. my god that’s how it is nowadays tho-
  5. Mother ******* agreed no more until Lombard
  6. Disagree no one should go until they earn it i believe moron season ticket holders have enabled the Johnsons to be ok with a sh*t product
  7. LOL I genuinely hope so - more than any human on earth but at the moment - he is weak...
  8. I stole this pic from you guys Props but it needs to be its own thread the media needs to see it and ask questions how can a legit OC call a play with these routes (bunched and SHORT of sticks) on multiple occasions ?
  9. Meh Jets suck johnsons suck stadium sucks Their fans from famous to anon suck what’s new id rather be woken when they don’t suck
  10. I love Beningo He’s an entertainer and surely entertains
  11. Yes not saying it’s a problem saying that for all that money we spent, we might be better?
  12. You’re too cool The eyeballs show no progress or bright spots and the imminent destruction of a nice young QB- AGAIN with no plan A or plan B
  13. Good thing mims is not playing we might be 0-3 if he was in there
  14. How on earth can one of the “youngest teams” with a rookie QB, have such a mediocre cap position? my god this is worse than thought
  15. Anyone who has 7 kids in this modern age proves that he has zero going on between the ears. Other dads please prove me wrong..
  16. Yes regardless we still lose but something like this comes from Kotite / other joke coaches. But to come from this amazing young smart eloquent “All Gas No Brake” genius, makes me ill. It made me yell at the time and scare my poor dog. You need one member of the staff assigned to the clock on point potential plays. Especially first half when time outs are expendable. What an absolute joke. The guy uses first half timeouts like he uses condoms.
  17. I’m too lazy to look it up again but this years cap number Is NOT great. I think 4 mil left? Next year fine. But he spent most of the cap and we are not even a college team. how is that possible?
  18. I’m a JD guy but damn what is his plan? not looking good Fat Joe and Salad.. not going to be together long
  19. Oh please stop using logic and intelligence with Jets fans its not what the sharks want
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