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  1. Yep at minimum vet QB backup and give him a “fake injury” for 3 weeks dear lord we are incredibly incompetent fat Joe and Salad… not good
  2. He’s right drop back Pass Or throw away or run
  3. All Johnsons and Fans who keep buying tickets In summary the die hard fans are actually to blame you can deny that all you want but YOU guys pay for this. No reason to change.
  4. Good thing Mims isn’t in there he woulda easily caught that 4th down salad bowl - smh
  5. Put a RB out at WR on 4th down he drops it because you know, he’s a RB Mims easily catches that Smh
  6. He ******* sucks all talk no action wind bag full of crap unprepared team penalties not playing best players trash
  7. Delay of game? tske time out there you ******* morin points off the board trash HC
  8. What head coach is worse than Saleh right now? Crazy Dan Campbell with Mickens have their lions playing with heart!!! (Brutal loss) Arthur Smith win Staley all balls!!!! eagles look good maybe he’s better than Urban Meyer and Joe Judge? not impressed We are placing a for sale sign on saleh
  9. Saleh trying to be an intellect and guru instead of being a damn football coach another mistake he had me fooled too so I can’t blame the Johnsons this time
  10. Ok so the way I see it Decent game with good skill players, good backup RB, weak opponent, good play calls, great defense for him, good o-line. he was what I thought he was. game manager on a good team. but we are not and never were a good team still happy he’s gone. Imagine his contract requirement now. No way can it be worth it
  11. I know the last 3 years proved to me that Sam at best, with good line, good coaches, good players would at best Be a game manager. I’m more so trying to see if that’s valid
  12. Ok got ya Thought maybe your wife’s cousins daughters friends teacher had some dirt
  13. please share what you heard!!! thanks
  14. yeah not really excited anymore JD's 2020 draft is a kick in the nuts Saleh and Mims situation is a kick in the nuts JD's cheapness is a kick in the nuts Wilson..... I am hopeful for but he got me nervous
  15. Yep and what really burns me is that even if we were “decent” there is no chance in hell we can beat out the monster AFC there are some nasty super talented teams
  16. Love the bottom roster churn reminds me of Pete Carrol in year 1 and 2 in Seattle Leave no stone unturned there will be a diamond found - or at least gold if you keep looking
  17. TL DR We all know they will both be here waste of internet bandwidth posting so many words
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