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  1. Loss denver won’t beat themselves we will 27 Denver 10 Jets
  2. Lol wut? like giving up on the interception?
  3. This needs its own thread- you are correct its so obvious that he is not stepping up in the pocket like he did in week 1. why? because he got ******* killed. This is what we mean when we say you can ruin a QB and why a vet backup is a good thing. Those back foot throws were all because he is apprehensive about stepping up into the rush. Sad. hope we can fix this soon
  4. You have the best screen name and you are correct about unis
  5. I hear you- there are a few normal folks but the minority… Also continually giving money to Woody for this garbage is counter productive. PS every time I took my son I was wholly embarrassed and monumentally nervous about putting my son in that situation -
  6. He’s not wrong on the Biden thing but back to reality woody and company need to get choked out of our funding. That’s the only way.
  7. Yeah Why is Moore on the outside? dear lord- these guys got me nervous
  8. Yep he looks like a low level rookie holding onto the ball too long indecisive But hopefully he gets better
  9. A real coaching staff can find a home for a Tall 4.3 guy with great hands. Not like we have Randy Moss, Jerry Rice and Calvin Johnson on the roster routes or no routes be smart adapt
  10. Looked like he was not climbing the pocket and making crips throws all back foot throws hope that’s not how we ruin him
  11. Sorry to say I blame the moron season ticket holders and others who go there week in week out. You fools just want to get drunk and barbecue away from your wives and family Selfish this is why we can never get woody to sell the team - he’s got too many nut huggers making him richer
  12. seems like none all year? That’s a great way to slow the defensive rush down . help the QB please with these one read plays. Jet sweeps with forward shovel pass is nice also. It’s a pass so if dropped just incomplete. the bootleg is nice but Zach needs to hit the underneath man when it’s there. Easy 6 yards. oh well. What do I know
  13. As much as I love Saleh mims will haunt us for decades if he doesn’t play and let go let him run a few outs fly routes and the out and up kid will stretch the defense
  14. Agree- not cuz white is good but to ******* learn that check downs and “boring” plays work in the NFL…. Right now is not the time or place for being a gunslinger and demoralizing your whole team. maybe in year 4 or 5
  15. Sounds like they just kept all the crap from 2019 instead of throwing it out Cheap ass Woody
  16. Money talks wealth whispers stadium sucks that is all
  17. Mims needs to be in there alot more- it is insane. he is crazy talented. there are routes he can run i am sure of it... PS if he wanted he probably could have went beast mode and scored on that catch as well. he was a little lax which does not bode well for him... anyway, still think he needs to be out there MUCH MORE
  18. He is in no way, Hill if you think that, you need a forum timeout
  19. There is a point where you just got to let the player play. I don’t care if his routes are not crisp or whatever the kid is high talent. Give Wilson options. this is my current major issue stop with the obsessive system sh*t. Win games
  20. Obviously this will be sour grapes but these are the things I saw. Short list so this is good. 1. PI vs Moore got hit and arms stripped before pass arrived 2. Holding not called against panthers on last run left. 3. Our kicker knocked out of game and penalty against us? Gtfo 4. Holding not called a few other times the sideline went nuts….. I’m waiting for my replay so I can give exact time. Only the good teams gets these calls. All this said we Lost fair. No sour grapes. We suck.
  21. I felt like Amendola was beast i felt like half time adjustments were nice to see i enjoyed Mims 1 play (wtf- get that kid in there) Punt coverage team looked good zach was rocky- did not give up post Becton o line looked ok. But was it due to prevent?
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