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  1. yes ! HAHAHAHA- the only feedback for this site is the mobile experience is very bad with the ads. Can I view it a different way on mobile? The PC experience is INCREDIBLE. THO... THANKS!
  2. its all ratings - NY market is huge. Even I turned on Fox Sports at lunch today to see if he would back off, but he doubled down. Imagine the other idiots like me who did that!!! After the show his Agent ran in laughing saying his NY prelim ratings are up 300% - he is winning LOL
  3. good luck man- she is a strong person get well soon this cancer needs to be ******* solved
  4. the reality is ... the leadership at these outlets always are trying to find the next big thing (usually younger) i get it - not mad but it also tends to never stop, and always lean to the sub youth who really don't care much about sports anyway!!
  5. Romo comments should be dismissed not because he is wrong but because he hasn’t seen enough he could be right but it’s too soon to know for now- Wilson looks legit
  6. Ok well we most never reply to these folks they only survive from our never ending replies!!! nice to meet you pal
  7. Looks like it’s more about JETS than bs bickering from forum tough guys who are obsessed with dissenting views. I truly don’t care about any fans 7th and 8th counter opinions. Just give me Jets facts and we can debate back and forth with respect, but that’s it. Training camp threads should literally just be training camp updates and the occasional observation. appreciate seeing such a great place !! PS wilson looks legit. You can only play what’s in front of you!! peace (longsuffering88- from that trash Jets site )
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