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  1. Don’t need a picture of you. I may be wrong, but I’ll enjoy the season a whole lot more than you do. I firmly believe that you ENJOY the high points, which this draft was, rather than wallow in pessimism. But you do you.
  2. You know the answer and so do I. Neither had anything to do with his leadership ability. Nor am I here just for Zach’s sake. I absolutely LOVE what JD and Saleh are doing with the Jets. Always have had a soft spot for this team, now I’m a Jets fan, as well a Zach fan. I think we may have the best GM/coach combo in the NFL. Good by themselves, incredible as a team.
  3. This draft was amazing. I think the TEAM more than any individual PLAYER has potential. Good receivers make good QBs look great and vice versa. Our D is going to turn some heads. I think we have the pieces to be good and perhaps very good.
  4. I knew last year would be brutal. I think we make great steps forward this year. I think we win 12. Maybe more if we get very lucky. what an amazing draft. If this team gels we could be very good for a very long time.
  5. That is garbage. Zach was and is loved by the players and coaches at BYU. He still shows up on campus from time to time. I have never heard a single negative thing from anyone who has played with him. what I have heard is that he was knocked because his uncle owned jet blue and that was supposed to mean he was babied or something like that. He’s got a lot to prove this year but let’s at least focus on real issues not made up ones.
  6. If they can’t get separation they won’t get the ball thrown to them. pretty basic stuff.
  7. mostly I think it’s because the protection breaks down so quickly no play can actually develop. If the ball has to be out in 1.7 seconds a 4.2 forty time player will get no more than 10 yards or so down field (got to allow for acceleration and this assumes no contact). You’re not much past the LBs at that point. How much separation can you realistically get so quickly?
  8. He has 1.7 seconds to make decisions before he gets slammed. The NFL average is 2.5 seconds. just exactly how quickly do you want him to throw the ball? How much of the play do you expect to develop in that amount of time? Are you willing to accept the number of picks that will happen because he has to guess if his receivers will get separation before the play has really even begun to develop?
  9. Zach has been given an average of 1.7 seconds to throw the ball before the pocket collapses. The NFL average is 2.5 seconds. I don’t know how any receiver gets separation in that amount of time. I don’t know how any QB identifies who will do it either. The problem isn’t Zach and it wasn’t Sam. The problem is that there is no time for routes to develop enough to know who will be open regardless of who the QB is. Saying he needs to get rid of the ball faster is fine but incomplete. oh, and I can drop passes for a whole lot less money than our receivers. Hire me. I’ll do as well and create a lot more salary cap room. Wasn’t it Stengel who asked “doesn’t anyone know how to play this game?” I know: it’s rhetorical.
  10. Don’t forget the incredible running game we had to take the pressure off of him. When the rushing game is nonexistent, and there’s no pass protection, just exactly what are we expecting? A 300 yard day in the air? He did as well as we could hope for (in the second half). His first half performance is a gimme IMO. Give the kid 2 quarters to sort things out. oh and it should be mentioned that he currently holds the Jets all time record for average passing yards per game. So, despite the mess the offense was, his passing yards were above average for any Jet QB. Garbage time or not.
  11. There was very little about this game that surprised me other than the fact that we almost made a game of it despite not having a line, a running game, and receivers who can catch that oblate spheroid thing they call a football. Someone should show them one of those. Maybe even let them try catching one sometime.
  12. Guys calm down. we knew it was going to be a mess to start. It’s still a 0-0 game and at some point we’ll actually start catching those passes. Get a deep ball or two caught and they will have to stop stacking the box and trying to kill ZW. This is not a one quarter plan, it isn’t a one game plan, it isn’t even a one year plan. plus we Have a really good punter. That helps.
  13. I expect the shackles to come off Wilson this week. The one constant about Wilson is that he delivers a catchable ball anywhere on the field necessary. And he can do it in the pocket, on a designed rollout, or when a play breaks down. If you look at his stats from college his completion percentage at 20+ yards was 71.4%. And that was without a bunch of NFL level high quality receivers. I’m sure we will have a lot of growing pains, but there will also be more moments pure of exhilaration than many are anticipating.
  14. I was 9. it probably was one of the first games I ever watched on the TV. It was in snow storm IIRC. I remember Joe playing. I doubt I even knew what the defense did at that age.
  15. When I was a kid I remember watching Joe Namath play in Super Bowl 3. The picture was grainy, the weather was awful, but Joe was magical. since that time, I’ve always had a soft spot for the NYJ. Born and raised in LA, I was a Rams fan as a kid until they moved away and I just kind of lost interest in the sport. But my feelings for the Jets always lingered. then came Covid. I started watching Football again. I saw Wilson play (who else was playing last year?) and thought to myself, this kid has something special. Then the Jets made a brilliant move IMO and hired Saleh and he put together what I considered the best draft from top to bottom of 2021. I was intrigued. So, here I am. Wondering if the Jets have finally found their feet again. Cautiously hoping. I wouldn’t mind if Zach can exhibit a bit of Broadway Joe’s magic. Nobody will ever be greater, but perhaps Zach, under the tutelage of Saleh might restore a bit of the luster to a storied football team.
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