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  1. Well...well..well Seems like we won after all... It took a lot for the FO to realize we already had a franchise QB....what the hell were they thinking trading for Darnold. I swear, I knew he would suck enough for PJ to start but damn...he made three man swallow...lol their pride... Cams home... playoffs baby all I do is win walker.... Hey we'll eat the cap y'all want Darnold back free of charge... Someone's gotta warned the rookies about how once you become a jets it lingers...it follows u..where ever u go ..unless you're a non factor you can hinder you next team... It's been fun..Back to life....back to reality...
  2. I told them this on the huddle when he was golfing during OTAs
  3. Sad thing is I got ban for trying to warned people, I actually used this site as a reference point....and some still blame our Oline, OC, HC, and now the owner for hiring the guy who hire the guy that hire the guy to convince Rhule that trading for Sam was a good idea....
  4. I got ban for being Right because if PJ replaced Darnold as the starter he had to change the website to my name he said he would if that happened and guess what... Wait, he's now taking credit https://www.carolinahuddle.com/topic/172779-i-think-im-ready-for-pj/ It really was a troll thread to me because I keep creating accounts and getting ban anytime I mentioned our bet
  5. https://www.carolinahuddle.com/forum/7-carolina-panthers/
  6. I must admit Sam is making this year for me... I get to talk sh*t about my own QB... And he sucks so bad he makes everything around him suck. Y'all getting a good draft pick unless PJ starts by our next home game... For your reading pleasure https://www.carolinahuddle.com/topic/172883-sam-darnold-will-he-make-it-to-a-2nd-season-here/?&page=4#comments This could've been y'all
  7. The Huddle ban me ... CMC n Horn goes down Thursday Night We lose to the Cowgirls Got ban again... S.A.M. throw 3 picks and cost us the game lol Wilson > Darnold
  8. Mixed reactions... Like take me for example, I said he did good, then you got people, who have been praising all year, afraid he's another Teddy, now they can't even hope to draft a QB... It's pretty much the playcalling in the RedZone, which falls on Brady. But Sam earned my respect for stepping up, and not losing to the Jets. First game, old team, a lot of pressure to overcome, granted, the team he was facing wasn't like some past team he's won 3 superbowls with. I think, first game, was sloppy. But being able to hold on to a lead, was different. Sam's first pick 6, trust he'll lose the Huddle forever....Cam gets no respect, Delhomme still gets talked about the AZ game...so it's only a matter time before we start echoing this forum in regards to Sam. Btw, good luck the rest of the season, was kidding but I wouldn't mind a rematch in the bowl
  9. hey I said may the best QB win...today Sam was the best QB... Z.Wilson maybe long term...hell maybe from here on out...but today...today Darnold was the best, why, because he got the W. Z.Wilson was the best on a losing team today
  10. It's a shame, the false hope Sam can play with one's heart. Z.Wilson didn't look like a bust, I knew the defense he was about to face. If we had switch Qbs, same out outcome, but it would've been a blowout. At least ya'll got the most important position cover, hopefully we can make Sam look good enough to trade back for our 2nd, and maybe get a 3rd or 5th out the deal. Oh, Can't say I really enjoyed, but I did appreciate the Jets fan sitting next to me, made rooting for the Panthers and yes even Darnold worth it, omg, we still better than the Jets at least... But i dunno, we could be looking at two Superbowl contenders....sike, Rodgers Dat...if them Chiefs lost though...but nah yall can't even stop Darnold lol all's well that end well...
  11. Well... The Jets are still the Jets. Sam didn't lose us the game
  12. It's called S.D.S....Sam Darnold Syndrome... it's worse than COVID, you must've been asymptomatic. It's makes you just accept defeat.
  13. Well later on today I'll be right behind the RedZone, nosebleed but I'll be there... May the best QB win.... Oh, don't know if anyone shared this here yet but I just find this, last thing I'm listening to tonight before I head to Charlotte in the morning. https://youtu.be/Wa41j3btuPo
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