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  1. I predict Saleh will get his wish and the offense will look boring.
  2. I couldn’t imagine the Jets being able to hide Pennington’s injury back in 2004 today.
  3. Why is he playing with an injury? Groin strains are no joke. He should sit.
  4. https://twitter.com/briancoz/status/1440712068651388943?s=21
  5. Not really. Tells the locker room he’s going to play the best players regardless of contract/draft status.
  6. It’s become a total distraction at this point. Play him or trade him.
  7. Gase would have destroyed Allen and Jackson even more than Darnold.
  8. Give me a break. The kid was a class act here. I’m happy to see him doing well.
  9. 1) Chan Gailey 2) Marty Mornhinweig 3) Brian Schottenheimer 4) John Morton 5) Jeremy Bates 6) Tony Sparano 7) Dowell Loggains
  10. I remember him doing a really good job with the RZ offense back in the Sanchez/Rex era.
  11. Worst games per ESPN: 1) Sam Darnold ghost game 2) Matt Simms/Geno Smith combined vs Dolphins in December, 2013 3) Luke Falk @ Eagles 4) Mark Sanchez @ NE 2009 Peyton Mannings 2015 game @ KC is their worst of all time. He was 5/20 with 4 picks.
  12. It’s in large part due the the fact that LaFluer plays a ton of two TE sets. He’s choosing to play Griffin/Wesco over an extra receiver.
  13. At this point they really should look to trade Mims for whatever they can get. He’s become a massive distraction.
  14. But he’s bringing the Shannahan system to the Jets!
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