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  1. I can see Joe Judge and his military background being good for this kid.
  2. You think Brian Cashman who has ran the NY Yankees for 25 years is less qualified than John Idzik, Mike McCagnan, and Joe Douglas? The Browns hired Paul DePodesta and look how that’s turned out. Give Haslem credit for thinking outside the box.
  3. Theo Epstein is also available. The guy has accomplished everything in baseball and May want to get into the NFL.
  4. When JD is fired next year or the year after perhaps the Jets should try something different. Hire a proven winner from another sport like Lou Lamorillo or Brian Cashman. I think the skills would be transferable.
  5. That’s my biggest issue with Saleh thus far. The guy seems completely accepting of this garbage. His job is to win games first, develop players second. As a HC in the NFL your record means everything.
  6. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2021/9/28/22698646/the-jets-offense-doesnt-make-sense Highlights 46% of targets going to Griffin, Berrios, Kroft, Ty Johnson Ty Johnson being tasked as primary pass protection back and has been one of the worst in the league over past two seasons Jets 6th highest two TE set percentage in league Jets have had more success running the ball out of 11 than 12 personnel
  7. They need to find a Parcells type coach that can run the whole organization. The only guys with that kind of clout are BB, Andy Reid, and Sean Payton. Of those 3 Sean Payton would be the only one who would possibly want the job. He’s been in NO a long time and could be enticed for another massive payday. If I am the Johnsons I would do everything in my power to get him. That would include giving NO the first overall pick.
  8. Said it on his podcast. Joe was actually more alarmed about Saleh than Wilson. Interesting stuff.
  9. This 100 percent correct. The strength of the offense is its WR depth. They should not be running so many two TE sets where they only get 2 WRs on the field.
  10. Guy didn’t even come with a cool catch phrase
  11. The scary thing is Zach looks way worse than Geno and Darnold did through 3 their first three games. It’s not like those guys had high end talent to work with.
  12. Meanwhile Woody Johnson switched over to FoxNews after the 1st quarter.
  13. Connor McGovern is getting paid $10MM Pretty good work if you can get it.
  14. Slider R-lol what a loser. What ever happened to good old fashioned hat on a hat?
  15. And that’s probably what’s going to happen. LaFluer will be the scape goat for this season.
  16. Want to determine who is going to fall on the sword for this disaster. My guess is it’s LaFluer.
  17. How can it get worse than 2 TDs on 33 drives? And 0 for last 22?
  18. Allen’s floor was always higher than people gave him credit for. He was able to get by with his legs before his arm caught up. Wilsons first 3 games are alarming. The kid doesn’t look like he’s seeing the field at all.
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