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    Presently in NYC, Formerly attending Syracuse
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    Sports Journalism and conversations about whether the coverage of football and basketball can be elevated to match the coverage of Tennis and Golf.

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    I was attending sports journalism school but decided to take some time off to focus on my own growth
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    I was a competitive tennis player during HS but did not have the discipline to realize my potential
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    I currently do freelance journalism but mostly support myself as a paralegal

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    I had the opportunity to visit with several of the faithful beat reporters of the New York Jets at a happy hour and was regaled by their war stories. After hearing their stories, nothing I have really compares. Hopefully one day I will have memories that are worth mentioning.
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    I have never been a season ticket holder
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    I try to look at sporting events dispassionately and avoid letting the outcome of sporting events impact my mood, much less break my heart.
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    I personally think that the flight crew members looks kind of fake and they are not really my type
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    I was not

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  1. Players often say they approach the game of football one play at a time or one game at a time. Fans, by contrast extrapolate the destiny of players and teams based on one play or one game. It is this inversion of experiences that makes for the wild contrast between how players and coaches view a team's performance versus how fans tend to view a team's performance. In a sports journalism course I took, where the instructor is a long-time member of the Jets beat, we were taught to view the role of an NFL reporter as something of an intermediary between the perspective of the fan and the
  2. I fondly recall times my father brought me into New York City when I was a child and trust that you will make this a truly meaningful trip that lasts with him for a lifetime. Admittedly, New York City is not quite the same in the pandemic era (is anywhere) but you will still be able to make memories. Here are some of my thoughts: 1. Get excellent sushi. It is virtually unavailable in South Carolina, and makes for a unique experience that broadens your son's sensibilities while also making for a delicious culinary experience. If budget is constrained you can do KazuNori Handroll. If
  3. On the one hand, of course the New York Jets should invest in having Backup Quarterback that is capable of both successfully starting if called upon, and, in the best case scenario, capable of competing to be the actual Starting Quarterback. On the other hand, the instinct to use scarce resources on the Quarterback position has led to draft headscratchers like James Morgan. This is to say that your guiding principle of going all in on the Quarterback position comes with a strong caveat that the competitive Backup Quarterback should be a veteran that is not past his productive peak and not so
  4. See, I applaud you guys for being such dedicated fans that you could practically refer to beat writers on a first name basis. But, I think you are giving some of them a hard time. There are certain writers that adopt narratives to get more eyes and that is unfortunate and sometimes harms the efficacy of their writing and analysis. Some of the more newly minted reporters seem to go all in on selling narratives that feed into fanbase insecurities or hopes. But, I find that many of the more veteran reporters (including a former professor) tend to tell it like they see it regardless of how it
  5. If I unfairly maligned your posting because you were merely striving for the position that there were more blitzers in the first half and not inferring anything about the Jets second half performance as a result of reduced blitzers then I rescind my remarks. To the extent you were inferring that the Jets second half performance was just garbage time points I disagree and think it undersells what occurred. Pardon my role in speaking over each other here.
  6. I'm sure that if one posts often enough they'll eventually have a quote for every position. In any event, I take your message to heart and will pay closer attention to your posts. About how much of my day will be spent on this Forum if I do so in earnest? Separately, even if you raised the point, why did you derive such an incorrect conclusion? The ability to adapt to disguised coverage and feigned pressure is a fairly impressive accomplishment. No?
  7. If you go back and read what I posted, you will note that I was careful not to use the word "feelings" because one of the first lessons I received from my favorite sports journalism professor was that intuitions and feelings about a subject not backed up by film study are useless, even if you are acclaimed and work for ESPN. Accordingly, I gave you my analysis based on film study that the choice between sending blitzers and not sending blitzers was not a choice between tough to handle defense and roll-over softie defense, as you seemed to indicate. Instead, the use of less blitzers was
  8. If you believe that what I expressed constitute "feelings" then I think we have severe epistemological differences and may never see eye-to-eye despite my efforts to clearly express my thoughts so that we can engage in level-headed and comprehensive discourse. I will still attempt to engage with you in these discourses and maybe, one day, you will be able to respond to me in a way that opens a door, rather than in a manner that closes a door.
  9. I get the strong impression that certain glass half-full posters desperately desire Ashtyn Davis to prove himself a starting caliber safety because it would, in their minds, vindicate Joe Douglas and/or vindicate the decision to part ways with former starting curmudgeon Jamal Adams. The other posters desire Ashtyn Davis to fail because it would vindicate their negative assessment of Joe Douglas. In truth Ashtyn Davis does have impressive physical traits, e.g., speed, and its easy to see why he was a decent draft pick. He simply has not proven himself to be good in coverage, or really anythi
  10. What absolutely nobody on this Jets Nation Forums has taken into account is the degree to which the Coronavirus 2019 Pandemic and accompanying limitations on NCAA Football has impacted the ability of NFL scouting personnel to accurately predict the potential of NFL prospects. Consider for a moment that NFL scouts were basically consigned to depending upon the same tools as amateur scouts, such as myself. This meant they: (1) watched tape, (2) spoke to self-interested coaches that want their former players to be drafted to chase clout and improve their own high school level recruiting, (3) sp
  11. A few comments about your analysis. Your observation that "they didnt [sic] blitz nearly as much in the 2nd half" is not terribly persuasive. Okay, maybe they actually brought less, but the Carolina Panthers were disguising their coverage packages and showing blitzers throughout the second half in order to rattle New York Jets Starting Quarterback Zachary Wilson. Indeed, if you look at the throw that Zachary Wilson made to Denzel Mims (5th string Wide Receiver, New York Jets) at approximately 2 minutes and 45 second left to play in the Fourth Quarter of the New York Jets (0-1) vs. Carolina
  12. A colleague that focuses on advanced analytics noted that we do not have a great sample size with LaFleur's playcalling but when he coded each play and ran through his database the most similar playcaller was Brian Schottenheimer. Take that for what its worth.
  13. The last time I saw the New York Jets succeed in transitioning from a disciplinarian coach to a players coach was when they replaced Eric Mangini with Rex Ryan. In that transition, Eric Mangini had largely developed a disciplined younger team with core veterans and Rex Ryan, for lack of a better term, unleashed them and better utilized them with an innovative defensive scheme. The current iteration of the New York Jets have done a Costco brand version of the same transition - i.e., they went from a less impressive disciplinarian in Adam Gase to a less innovator players coach in Robert Saleh.
  14. While my main sport is Tennis, I have in recent years become something of a devotee to College Football with an emphasis on the ACC. I think the shift towards the ACC becoming a power conference has been a welcome one after years of SEC domination. I cannot say that it is pleasurable to root for an ACC bottom-feeder, but at the very least it has enabled me to engage in amateur scouting of NFL prospects. Apologies if that's vague, your prompt was a bit open ended, and I am trying to tone it down as I get the impression that I should offer "deep" insights more sparingly.
  15. Does that mean: (A) My status as the eldest sibling is not consistent with your theory (B) Regardless of my status as the eldest sibling you bear ill will towards my younger siblings based on reading (at most) 10 posts I've made in the past 24 hours (C) Both
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