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  1. No kidding, right? The BradyBucs have 3 bonafide number one WRs as part if their top 4.
  2. What happens when Zach Wilson gets angry? Does his mom trigger middle aged men on instagram?
  3. Imagine Robert Saleh with Adam Gase’s eyes… Saleh Daze Yup. I wrote that down.
  4. This is a sane way to view it. Same fans that cry “you get paid millions of dollars get out there and do your job” are typically the ones that cry “but, but, potential when a guy just isn’t just handed a job” then cry “this guy is a bust, when he can’t do the job “. In short, people cry about everything. None of them actually care if Mims has someone managing his career path.
  5. Do I have to make an appointment or are walk-ins welcome? Also, can you DM me pics of your hands completing feats of strength?
  6. Yes. He’s being taught how to be a professional. In good time, he’ll hopefully get it and contribute.
  7. You are likening a 2nd year WR who has struggled to see the field with 2 coaching staffs to future hall of famers. How much effort do folks here usually put into retorts to strawman arguments? The banana part was a nod to the “blow me” comment.
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