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  1. I think change the culture has become short-hand for “start winning” in sports. Buying into the leadership doesn’t mean there isn’t a need to add talent.
  2. Fans may be crying about the coach, but players talking like this in week 17 of a brutally bad season… they’re bought in.
  3. Yes, the coverage was fine. The inconsistency of how the rule is officiated has created a lane for officials to affect the outcomes. If we reversed teams - Pats would get the ball at the goal line and 4 downs to punch it in.
  4. It wasn’t gratuitous, no. I also don’t think it was. That said, in most cases it’s absolutely a flag. In this case though, it’d hurt team Goodell-Kraft.
  5. That throw to Knox with the defender hanging on him draws a flag in most circumstances. Just sayin’
  6. So, like I said, we cannot execute - prep is irrelevant.
  7. That’s the thing. If team is just running every play and you can’t stop it, then who cares what tape you watched… you’re awful.
  8. The only time in history that 99% of the news says the starting QB will not play, then a day before the game the team says, “oh, but he might” and the opposing team falls for it.
  9. Because LaFleur calls all the bad plays. No point. Just stand there and take sacks.
  10. He doesn’t need to learn it, to be honest.
  11. For as long as mankind has had a mouth, they have talked out of both sides of it.
  12. Couldn’t this be said for every player that is good and that the Jets didn’t draft?
  13. Every call in sports should encroach upon stroking out.
  14. These guys in this thread… whoa boy. “You insulted me!” “No no, you insulted me!” Try to debate football. Not who insulted who.
  15. The difference is, he’s insulting you back - after making his points and you skipping over debate and just being nasty.
  16. All of these assumptions are driven by over-imaginative fans. It was never going to be an immediate result.
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