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  1. They could. Who is to say they haven’t tried that? They are NFL coaches. I have to believe they’ve considered most if not all of the things fans have - and yet, he’s still not making progress. Maybe he’s just going to take more time. In the meantime… they could get this OL to give our QB the time to deliver the ball to the WRs who are starting.
  2. I think you’re misreading my post. There have been threads here by fans going back weeks making up reasons why he’s not getting play - I’m referencing that.
  3. I suspect the coaches have better reasons for him not getting play, based on what they see daily, than all the fun hypothetical reasons that fans imagine are being used to screw him. The overall point being many of the same folks here who believe in hard work, earning it, etc. love to contradict those edicts when reality conflicts with their delusions about players. Mins will have his time when he earns it. I trust the coaches.
  4. So, the fans are upset that the coach held him accountable to being ready to do his entire job? Feels like irony, based on the themes fans usually complain about.
  5. LT was the position that Fant wanted to play and start at when he left Seattle. Yes, it’s difficult. It’s also the job you’ve been asking for.
  6. You misspelled “very funny guy”. As well as, “a lot”.
  7. Sounds like a Seinfeld term for someone who is constantly in your personal space.
  8. He made several remarks like this after Sunday. I think all those seeking answers about Denzel Mim and Eli Moore should take the hint.
  9. Oh, I get it… pencil me in as having proven how much I hate butt sex last night.
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