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  1. Yeah, just not up the middle... or left... or right. But definitely run it.
  2. Other fans probably don't consider the draft to be the highlight of their season. As with almost everything over the past decade I blame Woody. What I wouldn't give for a playoff berth? Definitely next year, right?
  3. Watching the Gmen showed me something I didn't think possible: there are fans who are suffering more than we are. Go Gang Green!
  4. Being a jet fan means we can't count on anything ever. I would not be surprised to see Zach put up 3 TDs, 3 INTs or both. It's a braver man than I that puts any money on these games. Well I suppose a win is out of the question, right?
  5. Guaranteed the herd of unicorns is next! I mean this must be the mulitverse, no?
  6. The only thing better than seeing Brady whining on the field is to see him whining on the bench!
  7. Wilson completes a short pass to Ty Johnson then the next play we go up on Brady by a major. What next. is the field about to be swarmed by a herd of unicorns???
  8. Ah, a true jet fan.. creating an alternate scoring system. Be honest, we've all done it
  9. Backyard football is better than what we've had since the foot fetish days. I'll take it...
  10. The broadcast crew for jets games is getting so bad I was honestly expecting Cal Ripken today. A-Rod probably has better things to do.
  11. No doubt. Until I see the screen I think we can still win. We didn't and we did! P
  12. "Raccoon food" Best comment of the day! BTW I can't imagine anyone wants to comment on ZW floating that swing pass over Carter's head just now? It's not like anyone here scrutinizes our rookie QBs performance...
  13. Hey, he made his one big hit this game. That's enough for his tiktok acct.
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