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  1. this is the sad truth these idiots will never get the right hire what makes it worse is there's really no reason for them to sell either LOL
  2. the man deemed the leader of the offense by the Head Coach pathetic evaluation of talent
  3. two mentally ill losers spending their night downvoting randoms for e-props on a message board
  4. thats this same thread you doofus im not following anyone im downvoting sh*tposts by shills common sense aint too common
  5. yet you replied IMMEDIATELY to my post lmfao find something better to do then shill embarrassing yourself on a jet forum aint it
  6. I tagged you because you downvoted a Fact Based topic after the team lost 54-13 coming out of a bye week something a fool would do dont think youre special cuz you're not, you're lumped in with the rest of the clueless shills you have at least 7 posts in this thread alone mental illness
  7. Adam Gase is better than Clown Salad Baldy is not getting any of those Dolphin teams to the playoffs and he damn sure isn't winning 7 games with Sam The Can Cant believe the day has come where I miss Adam Gase
  8. @Barry McCockinneranother Salad shill who follows me around and downvotes simply for the protection of his overlord you hate to see it
  9. ? Why quote me if you're not gonna talk about anything I said lol Nobodies seething kid you're a fool for shilling Salad, who is a DOOFUS of a HC
  10. Absolutely not they sent a memo out to the Jets about poor ticket performance maybe one day the Johnsons will sell
  11. Ask yourself how Fields would look under this inept CS I say a worse Geno Smith
  12. I said that was his worst blunder they can both be true pal, and they definitely are
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