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  1. 2x rookie of the week despite the worst coaching staff, offensive line, defense, offensive weapons, and OC across the league? Wilson is a gem learn the sport
  2. You’re an idiot this is the level of analysis Jet fans have sad!
  3. You’re just now questioning Clown Salads leadership?
  4. Sam the Can claims another coach who would’ve thought?
  5. This guy has some of the worst takes o.n the internet
  6. Um actually that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do lmfao
  7. LaFloor is finally in the booth so maybe he’ll call an NFL game with Zach in the pocket for once
  8. Gems from Joe hes been at an A grade outside of the coaching hire
  9. This must be a joke becton AVT the two corners Moore and Carter as well LOL GET A CLUE
  10. Joe Flacco is not stopping Clown Salads defense from giving up 50 a game
  11. The problem is the CS Joe fell for the media hype It’s not what you want
  12. This guy is an absolute clown you know where to find me?? Yeah at the bottom of the league across every notable metric CLOWN
  13. Dont go to the games Dont buy merchandise Dont watch on TV BOYCOTT THE CIRCUS!!
  14. All this coming AFTER the bye Thanks Rob
  15. I think you’re right friend, because this franchise is clueless the questions is, do you agree with that approach
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