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  1. They better not trade this kid Has the right mindset and has talent out the wazoo his time will come
  2. Jets have 0 depth at LB it would be silly not to get him for free
  3. Marcus Maye for a TE or OL
  4. The great Miami Dolphins are 1-3 also Tua is a BUM you love to see it
  5. Clueless takes The off script throws are what makes a great QB
  6. I wish they would bring back these jerseys or at least an iteration of them Love those helmets
  7. Big Joe with another STELLAR draft pick!
  8. He had a washed up Scam Newton and noodle arm Wack Jones as his QBs
  9. Yeah that take infuriated me you want a noodle arm check down shill you take Jones
  10. The one good move Mac made even the sun shines on a dogs ass
  11. Adams, Sam the Can, and Leo Williams Can you finesse a team more than JD? you love to see it
  12. It was short but it still should have been caught
  13. Find something better to do trolling is not your strong suit
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