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  1. This guy the reason mims on the bench taking reps. He’s not better than crowder and he fair catches everything …. He should be PS and let mims get on the field
  2. So you rather play percentages (small ones to hit at that )with a 2nd and some late picks then have a better chance at solving this qb issue as fast as possible , which is the most important position of all of football and the reason we are sh*t since Namath ? That’s just pushing the clock back further and if that’s what we gotta do then I’ll push it back a season to make sure we have a complete answer at qb …
  3. I’m surprised you know how to use the internet… go clean your dentures guy
  4. If sam was the equal to let’s say Mitch trubisky by his 5th year you already got nothing out of a 3rd overall pick … might as well let him walk for nothing when you have the qb situation moved onto Zach in that situation
  5. Look I already set the precedent that if it all turns okay and he’s able to play would you take the once in a rarity opportunity…. If the guys in jail it’s all moot …. It’s all moot if Zach balls out these 15 games anyway I just set a hypothetical up and people are jumping out of it
  6. Nah I had mocked durvernay and Hennessy that 3rd round of that draft …. But jd knows more than me and is more qualified and has the job right?
  7. Hey man I sure as hell drafted better than JD these past couple years I can show you my jets mock drafts I’ve done … like i said jd fumbled the ****in bag so far no vet Qb, oline still sh*t , set sam up for failure, Robby Anderson …. There’s guy on this site who would run this team better but hey we’re here
  8. If you set the tone of it being a qb battle then you obviously lower Zach trade value …. If you are dumb enough to say that to the public and the other teams then you have a point…. They could’ve said they are sitting Zach point period no competition…. Keeps his value
  9. I get the your throwing a troll shot but I would have this team fkn ballin if I was calling the shots that’s for damn sure lmao
  10. No the gm is a fkn idiot…. No rush to get sam out of here …. 4th year not 5th…. They could’ve kept him and had Zach on the bench…. If sam earns his seat like he’s doing now the media isn’t making a controversy and we just flip Zach …. Or just traded down and kept sam with extra picks and flip them if sam ended up trash for us this year for a proven qb or take a gamble with a rookie next year…. But they don’t have a guy who thinks like me as the gm because they want this team to be the joke of the league and I hate that sh*t
  11. Well the topic is not based of the 2 games of Zach …. Neither me or you can tell how things are gonna be or tell the future of this season. I already set the predicament of it being a sh*t show and the option for deshaun was available what would you do but people wanna add in extra sh*t to it … it’s a simple yes or no. gamble with time in Zach or go in with a sure thing …
  12. Lmao if I wanted to properly write that I would’ve of course but I’m on a jets forum I’m not here authoring a book but you get the point
  13. Well we’ll find out bu the end of the Season into the off-season , this is just hypothetical in the situation we’re we are horribly bad and this situation arises where deshaun is good to go who would pull the trigger on this
  14. Damn I see why your not a Steelers fan I’m proud lmao
  15. Definitely him this damn idiot doesn’t call a damn zone read or rpos …. Nothing …. With a qb who supposedly runs a 4.4 …. They ran zone read one time for a 2 pt conv. Run it more …. They need to run it how 49ers ran it with kap …
  16. Don’t get me started on Sam should’ve seen what I posted in the we should’ve kept Sam thread
  17. If the situation was so bad Texans would’ve cut bait a long ass time ago and not have him in their current 53 man roster…. He’s going thru things rn but he’s definitely not out the NFL to which is the reason I brought this thread up…. But people wanna be sensitive Nancy’s here …. All the thread is saying would you take the sure thing over the gamble with time ….
  18. Like I said 8 missed tackles on a play doesn’t come from a great defense doesn’t matter if it’s 1 out of 54 , it’s still early and there’s injuries so let time tell
  19. Like I said 8 missed tackles on a play doesn’t come from a great defense doesn’t matter if it’s 1 out of 54 , it’s still early and there’s injuries so let time tell
  20. I would’ve hit myself in the head with a brick if I was a fan of this team since the Maynard days like you that’s for sure
  21. Okay understood I’m tryna understand wtf was going on. I been on this site for months and never made an account just for camp reports and stuff but after these two weeks I just made an account and decided to be active I’m a guy with explosive opinions I just want us to be good already …. A great gm would flip this situation in one year we seen it happen across different teams and different sports
  22. Definitely free Zel they playing with the boy
  23. I’m glad you said it …. I guess it’s from all the years of the trash we been thru I’m headed towards there too at this rate … i been a fan since farve days and I’m already fed up with the sh*t but I’m still here
  24. Nah boss I’m a jets fan with different opinions on things and it’s just a discussion. If deshaun was a viable option with the court stuff aside and he’s able to play would you pull the gun on it?
  25. Idc about baggage if you win everything is forgotten. Other than baggage it’s a serious question at hand if in the case that the season is a sh*t show of course
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