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  1. There was so much Jets hype this week. I'm sure that it's to raise ratings. It wouldn't surprise me to see Jets develop a double digit lead after the half only to see the game go into overtime or end on a last second field goal. Vegas wants us to win. Moore has monster game.
  2. White played a smart game and I give him credit for not pressing. Bengals typically play a soft two deep zone basically keeping things in front giving up the short passing game. Even though the OC called an aggressive game plan, White threw underneath allowing receivers to gain YAC. I believe the difference here is the offense got into a rhythm early especially against a weak box. Zach probably would have thrown into the Bengals strength which is the deep ball. Similar calls executed by processing two different QB's. Zach passes up easy completions. White took them. Looks like it was the execution after all. When the offense stays ahead on early downs, second and short, third and short, the playbook is wide open. Scoring early contributes to complementary football. I wouldn't put White in Canton just yet. Even if he plays well vs Colts.
  3. Opponents are aware of our early struggles. Their mindset is probably go all out first half then watch us press to stay respectable while cruising to a dub. We have yet to show positive results in the face of adversity. Will address this again in November. Can't imagine another loss by that margin this year. Some type of pride shown is expected but... a win this week is premature. We have to get to playing competitive first.
  4. Knicks are capable of making some noise this year building off a surprising 2020 season. Pressure has been taken off Randall to be focal scorer. When he passed out of double teams shots weren't falling. As long as the ball continues moving good things happen. No longer necessary to keep score around 104 or less to win. Should beat Bulls too. Takes the focus off watching Jets games. Thanks Knicks.
  5. Agreed my post was in reference to the amount of injuries by Jets players. Kinda similar to the amount of injuries last year expect the number of players on IR.
  6. I disagree with quitting. Out executed is more of an accurate statement. Players are beat once they have to think. They didn't know what was coming. This isn't an excuse but their inexperience showed. Plus injuries mounted and there you have it. The defense is the pulse of this team until everything else catches up. What was witnessed yesterday was the state of the team when the defense doesn't hold up their end.
  7. This organization went through changes with the trainers medical staff etc. I thought their program was going to minimize the amount of injuries. Haven't noticed much of a difference yet.
  8. I'm usually good for at least a half of a 1 o'clock game. That's about the time we're digging ourselves from out of a hole. Once we're down 17 pts we're done. There's a 70+ active losing streak games to confirm the lack of an ability to comeback from that size deficit. You probably have to go back to the Monday Night Miracle for the last game.
  9. Team doctors were optimistic and they were accurate. Get well soon Zach. White will take some lumps especially now opponents know he's the starter. This post will generate much interests during rehab. At least Zach will have his LT once he returns. I hope Zach learns that he shouldn't hold the ball as long as he does. He's fortunate he will return this year. It's unfortunate that I'm now tracking draft positions in October.
  10. I honestly feel for those current season ticket holders who are unhappy with the cost of attending Jets home games. I was a season ticket holder at Giant stadium before PSL's high parking and concessions. We knew the people in our section at Giant Stadium. Times were simpler back then before Covid and security checks weren't as detailed. I used to be able to pack my nips of beer inside my carry on never getting caught. Security just lightly squeezed the outside of my bag. Got away with that for years. You could give away your seats when you didn't want to attend. I gave mine away on rainy games. Just couldn't sit out there. Now I'm reading how the upper deck seats are arranged, the PSL's, and parking. I would only attend single games now.
  11. Having Maye back should be a plus this week. Jets may need to run a trick play if the offense comes out flat. Give us a chance keeping the game close (less than two scores). We ran well against them. Pretty sure Pats will attempt to correct that.
  12. Knicks are soundly beating teams they should beat unlike playing down to their competition not long ago. Looking forward to Tuesday night's match up against defending division champs sixers.
  13. Unsure if the league did us a favor scheduling both Pats games before November. Both teams got much to figure out. I would have more faith in Jets 3.5/5 if we showed up ready to whip butts from the start. Still here rooting. Still will watch. Better not see the same level of execution especially having two weeks to correct it. The youth got reps. Time to take it to the Pats while they are wounded.
  14. Last nights game was as exciting as it was humbling. At least now they have other scoring options when Randall gets surrounded. The defense isn't sound yet but I imagine will improve. Almost turned it off thinking they wouldn't make a comeback. Putting Obi at the five should happen more often. Stunned how regulation ended.
  15. Not for those who have been found to do or say incriminating things. Nothing has been reportedly done to the Jets owner for his alleged comments. It is subjective to the position of the said person. Owners in this league are typically untouchable.
  16. Easy for one to assume Gruden takes the hit to deflect what's been a continuing trend with principle billionaire owners who can side with each other and the commish controlling what stays hidden (covered up) and who goes or doesn't get to play again in the league. Out of over 650 K messages no one else is incriminated? C'mon man!
  17. What separates successful organizations from the ones that are constantly in rebuild mode is continuity throughout. Each time the slate gets cleaned someone comes in trying to do their version of building a winner. One reason this organization has suffered is how it was structured. We endured several arraigned marriages between GM and HC, HC and OC, HC and DC. We had both GM and HC reporting to the owner. This is not the typical structure of a NFL organization. This is why I give Chris Johnson credit for reestablishing traditional structure. Another reason for struggle is the development of players that we draft, or lack of player development. How many picks from previous years remain on the roster? Every time a new HC is hired, they have certain type of players they covet. They remove players here not fitting that makeup and scheme they intend running. I can at least relate to the vision of the current regime. They bring in high character players, those that love the game. They plan on developing the players that they draft. According to Salah, they don't have any jerks. They can be cancerous when things don't go right. We are on the outside looking inward. I believe that they trust each other without much dissension. We have the youngest team in the NFL, giving the most minutes to rookies. Why is that? Because they are in it for the long haul. Again, this regime has nothing to do with the past problems associated with the history. The players here have very little to do with what happened before. When matched against opponents having veterans, we learn on the fly. Inconsistencies are expected. Yet we come expecting competitive games. I am guilty too. We are starving for wins, any signs of life. But the reality here is there are no quick fixes. Would we rather see them play close to 500 and miss blue chip players in next years draft thinking we don't need a lot of changes here because of the strong finish? That's fools gold, see 2019. We were told early this is a process. They are showing exactly that. It will get worse before it gets better. If Salah says he sees improvement then the team is doing what is asked. Does that translate into wins? Not yet. But I believe in the process. It's a change from what was here. This too shall pass. I rather see slow and steady instead of quick take offs followed by crash and burn. We deserve better. We just need to wait. Too many new parts to judge in entirety.
  18. What I find funny is quoting my post and including it with something from two years ago. I'm not anticipating a "magical second half". We're a young team finding its' way. That takes time. But if it makes you feel better, hold me writing we will own a top 5 pick.
  19. This should be confirmation and a wake up for all. Nothing transmitted through electronics, personal or otherwise, is private. Every text, email, DM, even phone conversation are monitored by someone. Very little communication is truly free speech. Smart TV's, cell phones assistance apps, siri, cortana, hey google, etc. all invade your privacy. You can't prevent law enforcement from eavesdropping, but when companies get into the act the line has to be drawn somewhere. Maybe we may feel like we have nothing to hide. How many conversations can you remember having seven or ten years ago. How long is your sh*t being held out there? This isn't about who got caught. It's about being mindful about what you post anywhere. Whether it's a joke to you or not. All it takes is one person to be offended, the wrong person. The truth shall set you free.
  20. The season is shaping up like the start of each game. We're executing the second half of games. The second half of the season is when this team starts showing signs of growth. Look at the next three or four games. Pats, Bengals, Colts, Bills. Do you smell any victories coming before the Fins?
  21. The bye week could not have come at a better time. There is so much to learn from execution, coaching, and technique. Many are frustrated. Many are looking for answers. Many are placing blame everywhere. Rightly so. It looks discouraging when the staple of this team the defense, lets us down. Yes our offense can't get out of its' own way. One thing that Robert Salah mentioned last week in his presser that stuck in my head. He broke the game down by quarters. First quarter is game plan. Second quarter is feeling each other out. Third quarter is adjustments. And fourth quarter, everything is out in the open. Both teams know what the other team is doing. This has stuck in mind the last couple of games. Since we script the first 15 or so plays to begin games, and rehearse these initial plays during walk through on Saturday, this falls more on the execution of said plays rather than the play calling. In my opinion, we must win the early downs to establish more runs and get into a rhythm. Take the pressure off the QB to make something happen. This appears to fall on the blocking technique of the OL and receivers. The most productive run plays whatever they are have to be put into the start of games. I haven't seen one trick play called. This off week I would hope Zach and Mike sit down and go over 15-25 plays that Zach is the most comfortable with and start the game with some of those. Too much pressure is placed on the defense to keep them into games while the offense gets into a rhythm. The defense looked gassed from last week. So I expect them to return to form.
  22. Mental errors are killing us and whatever momentum that's established. Second half is ours. The adjustments are our bread and butter.
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