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  1. And visa versa. Week 3 screams for the Jets to come out on fire offensively. I can bet LaFleur will shut it down. The man lives in fear. He waits for opportunities to attack, rather than taking those opportunities to attack.
  2. FWIW: I think it was Dan Orlovsky who said there was an argument to be made Wilson should go No. 1 overall in the Draft. Due to how talented Wilson is, but also because of WRs' impact on today's game.
  3. True. It's very exciting. Thing is - Saleh must have LaFleur put it all together. Before Cleveland pulled an all-time choke today, Jets were averaging a meager 13 ppg in 2022. That includes a garbage-time TD vs Ravens week 1.
  4. I understand the emotion, but Saleh celebrating kind of makes me sick. That was 1/500k good fortune.
  5. You can't stop Braden Mann, you can only hope to contain him.
  6. 13 ppg over two games not including that Davis TD just now. Doesn't cut it.
  7. This is a poorly-coached team. So many unforced errors: fumbles, untimely penalties, dropped balls, undisciplined. And this offense remains mostly garbage. 13 ppg points doesn't cut it in today's NFL.
  8. Right now LaFleur is arguably the worst OC in the league, and it's not even close. He has no feel for the game.
  9. Year 2 under the JD-Saleh regime, this season the Jets should've shown marked progress across the board. Today they're playing a team led by a backup QB. And yet so far today the Jets look every bit as bad as 2021. Damning commentary on JD and Saleh. "If they don't bite when they're puppies, they're never gonna bite." - Parcells
  10. Jets: Allergic to first downs on offense. Worst team in the NFL.
  11. Jets have major edge with the rookie Max Mitchell vs. Myles Garrett.
  12. I think I might start on an antidepressant before kickoff.
  13. Hey our offense couldn't beat East Rutherford High but we're building the "best culture in sports"!!
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