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  1. This is it, now’s the time. Joe D’s mantra from Day 1: the “best teams," the most consistent winning teams "build thru the draft." So he said, we must “hit on our draft picks.” He stuck to his guns shutting out the outside noise. And now he has a roster littered with talent. A foundation has been laid. It’s young and there’s gonna be growing pains. But this is the year 2022! (Nod to Ike's D Day order of the Day). The Jets are gonna punch some people in the mouth. Jets fans, we’ve suffered for a long time since the brief, Rex semi-glory days. Allow some genuine hope & excitement to seep in. Enjoy it lads. In the immortal words of Lawrence Taylor: Let’s go out there like a bunch of crazed dogs and have some fun!
  2. The latter rise in the morning & go to bed at night wanting him to fail. Whether they admit it or not. They've taken a set against him. Seemingly since day 1. It's understandable to a degree. In part they're reacting to JD's. There I agree - let's judge JD by his W-L record. But that's where my agreement with them ends. 2019 for all intents and purposes doesn't count. When you come in as GM in June, there's virtually nothing you can do to improve your roster until the upcoming off season. So JD's clock started after the 2019 season. Undoubtedly the results have been highly questionable. The 2020 draft has been awful. But Rome wasn't built in a day. In 2001 questions swirled around Belichick - before Mo Lewis & a 6th-rounder named Brady helped him out. It took the great Les Snead years - and the arguably greater Sean McVay - to develop the Rams in to the perennial power they've become. The Bills struggled Josh Allen's first several years until he, Beane and McDermott got it turned around. Building a lasting NFL contender can some time. Trial & error is part of it. And drafting for sure isn't an exact science. It's Year 2 under the JD-Saleh regime. Certainly the Jets must show marked improvement this year no matter what. Most Jets fans hope they do with JD leading the charge. Whereas some clearly want JD - and thus the Jets - to fail.
  3. I'm glad the Jets were in at high stakes. The kid wanted to go back home, who can blame him. Not to mention Miami possesses great allure on many levels most of all no state tax. The Jets now have the good fortune to deal with Hill on the field twice a year. Mic drop.
  4. I can argue this narrative likewise has holes in it. For this primary reason: Zacharias Wilson. When you have a QB playing at a high level in today's game, you can generally compete with any team and defeat a bunch of others. See: Jets vs. Tampa, as one example. Wilson looked great that day, he belonged on that field every bit as much as Brady. Yes obviously one game does not an elite QB make. Lest we forget everyone gushing over Darnold in a similar late-season situation vs Green Bay & A-aron Rodgers (A-aron = Key & Peele bit - great stuff). Great QB play is more value added than ever. So if Zach begins attaining the potential the Jets, myself & many see - suddenly what seemed like a team full of holes, can be a team that's a tough out.
  5. McGovern is substandard. He should be cut and replaced with a substantial upgrade. All genuine contenders have good centers. The Jets don't and it's just one of several reasons they weren't a contender this past season.
  6. Generally agree with your sentiment. Build a wall around Zach, go from there. As part of it Jets should add the best center in the draft. Parcells had Bart Oates and paid thru the noise for Kevin Mawae. Both led stout o-lines and equally strong rushing attacks & offenses. Chiefs drafted Creed Humphrey after their o-line's abysmal SB performance - voila, KC's offense is the KC offense again. Bills added Morse several off seasons ago helping their offense take off. Just a few examples. Get a center JD-Saleh, and sleep well at night.
  7. Positive, optimistic post with a fun headline - good job. Hopefully providential. Let's do this.
  8. Cut off Brady's head, the Tampa snake dies. Or at least gives the Jets a better chance to compete. Best ya can - smash Brady whistle to whistle. Risk several late hit penalties. Brady gets off his game when he's under constant pressure - see both losses to Giants in the Super Bowl, Tampa vs Saints several weeks ago. Toss in 4 long Jets drives (yes highly unlikely) resulting in say 17 points, who knows. Likely easier to smash away at Brady so start there. Go Jets
  9. Man, most of those Baker Mayfield Progressive commercials are awful. Painful viewing
  10. Precisely, well said and thank you for illuminating those in here who never gave Zach a chance. Or worse yet those who were all about him but then turned on him a few short games in to his rookie campaign. As a QB who came outta college early, too. Paraphrasing George Patton: basically all of the Zach haters in here know less about QB'ing than they do about fornicating - i.e. nothing.
  11. I signed up for the JD-Saleh-Wilson Bandwagon. As many of you did. But when some not unexpected adversity struck you run for the hills. Lash out at everything Jets. This thing is going to turn under this regime, and under Zach Wilson. Saleh & Douglas know what they're doing. Y'all quitters have no vision.
  12. It's not the largest sample size, but it's substantial. And yesterday and other moments this season it's felt square peg in round hole. Whereas Mike White (initially), Flacco & Josh Johnson looked more comfortable. LaFleur was reared under Kyle Shanahan, going back to 2014 in Cleveland. My understanding of Shanahan's system - it's plenty of tight throwing windows. QB precision & timing are a must. Jimmy G was supposed to be that in SF, but he's been too inconsistent & can't stay healthy. Zach is a gunslinger. He's missed games already due to injury. Zach better not be another Jimmy G in the LaFleur-Shanahan offense. LaFleur must be flexible enough to marry his scheme to Zach's strengths. Also no more of this "rookie OC, rookie QB, rookie HC" excuse BS. The season is almost finished. In terms of actual games played, they're closer to year 2 than the start of year 1. I still have high hopes for Zach. If he's properly plugged in to a system with a solid supporting cast on the field and the CS, I think he can excel.
  13. ... takes wind out of the sails. And not last by a tenth of a point. At 30 ppg, 3 points worse than Atlanta. Against one of the easier schedules IINM. https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/view/defense/table/passing/sort/totalPointsPerGame/dir/desc Been meaning to contribute a positive post, emphasizing perspective. But man, a defense this bad ... it was a downer realizing this off season alone won't fix it. It also could be the league has caught up with Saleh's scheme, as the Niners D ain't great shakes anymore. Regardless the D better be considerably better next year, or it's clear Saleh is in over his head. But ending on a positive note: add a top corner, a healthy Carl Lawson, another edge presence, and some run stopping beef up front - hopefully that = a much improved 2022 D.
  14. Catalon and Lofton sound thrilled they're calling next week's Jets game.
  15. Let's see where Zach & Mac are a year from now. Mac could be a fine QB yet not talented enough to win a SB. Whereas Zach may have a higher ceiling.
  16. Lovie Smith in witness protection, didn't recognize him.
  17. Dougleh (JD & Saleh) better invest in the best kicker they can find in the off season. Parity = closer scores = kickers are more valuable than ever.
  18. Zach's QB TD run: one thing I love about Zach is his toughness. He may look the Ken doll and throws a pretty ball and lo Ken doll, but he's tough, not afraid to mix it up. I remain extremely excited about Zach. Y'all throwing in the towel already - jeez man, he's a freakin' rookie, plus he came out of college early IINM. Most rookie QBs produce horrible results. Peyton Manning threw 28 picks, etc etc
  19. Two words: Braden Mann. Can't stop 'em, only hope to contain him.
  20. Why weren't Jets in no huddle the entire time once score started getting out of hand?
  21. Seems the Jets front seven is a bit one dimensional: designed to rush the passer. As such losing Carl Lawson was a devastating blow. Short of a sack or pressuring the QB straightaway, bad things happen. It also may be the NFL has caught up to Saleh's vaunted scheme. For a few years now D hasn't been the dominant force it once was. Or maybe Saleh must take reins from the rookie DC Ulbrich.
  22. Well done! You won't regret it, likely ever. You can always strategically target games to buy tix for in the offseason. In 2013 I led the way with my family getting rid of our 4 tix. It was my account, we had the tix beginning '96. Many tens of thousands $ later (including on unused/unsold tix due to Jets suckage/some of us residing elsewhere & PSL payments): it hit me why the hell am I even paying for this? My family agreed and we haven't looked back.
  23. Not to mention their competitive ruthlessness, creativity, fire, brilliance, desperation. Will they re-discover it? They should understand the second they signed their Jets contracts, the clock began ticking. With the Jets but more so on their NFL careers as OC and HC. If they screw up here, they may never get another NFL chance. It seems they don't know that right now. And in LaFleur's case since he got the job. A Florham Park Pop Warner OC could do much better. Being in the big chairs leading a team or a unit, is completely different than being some form of assistant. Right now all their good work in SF - and with LaFleur that's only clear to those inside the Niners organization - has been rendered meaningless. (This post was gonna be about LaFleur only. But after Sunday's defensive fiasco and as former 49er, Saleh is down there with him).
  24. Okay this is the kind of sh-t inching me closer to the Joe Must Go bandwagon (still not there by any stretch but like anything the final straw ). How the fukk does he not sign Flacco or someone else you trust in the offseason where you needn't give up draft capital.
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