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  1. He's clearly our green Leprechaun good luck charm!! Pack him up & keep him on the sideline from now on!!
  2. In fairness it's our OL too (not just Mike "Sanda" LaFleur): it is so inconsistent and leaky. As the future unfolds, JD and LaFleur must channel their inner Miyagi to get this OL & offense fixed. If they're up to it.
  3. Very cool how the crowd has shown up for awhile now. All Jets had to do was give them a few positive plays, give 'em some hope.
  4. New England burned us with little bubble screens, now Tennessee has. And IIRC Carolina and Denver hit us a few times too. Man Saleh gotta get that fixed dawg.
  5. Had high hopes for it but the reviews have been uniformly negative. Still good buttered movie popcorn and Buncha Crunch are hard passing up.
  6. Know it was recently posted, but so appropriate and never gets old.
  7. Teams like the Rams, Packers, Chiefs, hell even the Browns - they competently 21st century head coaches who can coach offense. The Jets? They hire former DCs like Bowles and Saleh, and the offensive genius they hire is Gase. I'm 100% not bailing on Saleh, but 3.25 games in - wow, let us hope this isn't a sign of things to come for his Jets offense.
  8. Look at how much more night & day creative the Titans offense is vs. the Jets. And they have a new OC this year just like the Jets do. So far LaFleur was clearly over-hired. He's not ready, maybe never will be. As Parcells used to say "if they don't puppies they're never going to bite." And it's all falls on Saleh, the buck stops with him, he brought the kid with him from SF. It's still early but yikes, it's like watching paint dry.
  9. Yes the defense has made several bonehead plays. But it's the offense that's killing the Jets. By far the worst in the league. Led by an OC currently as predictable and awful as Gase, if not worse.
  10. Saleh is the hired General. All great teams are led by great generals. It's all Saleh. He's 0 for 3. It's up to him to realize if he's for real or not. All else is noise.
  11. Forgot to mention it's a good read as Chad explains things only as a former NFL QB can.
  12. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-chad-pennington-zach-wilson-20210921-bndqz6dgsfghxpegfn7l6kfcgi-story.html
  13. Darnold interviewed on set after the game, as a star in their nationally televised win: cool seeing even if it hurt as Jets fan.
  14. For better or worse the rebuild has only just begun. I think the Johnsons are looking at it like (latest) rebuild began with the hiring of Saleh. It's Saleh-Douglas, 1.0. And this be their first offseason together. Sigh. None of us are holding our breaths. JD's 2021 draft better show up big this season. RB Mike Carter looked good Sunday.
  15. He could be. Panthers schedule outside of Tampa x 2, Dallas and NE looks easy. Of course week 2 looks can be deceiving.
  16. Echoing a recent thread (and sure much of it is Saleh's Zen demeanor): But Saleh's presser yesterday - he looks like the Jets are the cat's meow. Not 0-2 with arguably the NFL's worst offense. Joking with the media, patiently explaining, cheerful & smiling. Ya just get the sense the Johnsons have intimated to him: build this program in your own image, we believe in you and we’re going to be patient. And I think JD is in the same boat. Johnsons want to see them together mold a program and see where it’s at in 1-2-3 years. So considering donning patience hats, folks. For better or worse it seems that's where the Jets are headed.
  17. Why is it always "hot garbage." Cold garbage is stinky too. And with autumn here & winter soon - well, let's hope LaFleur doesn't transform in to cold garbage.
  18. Hard seeing how he could be worse so far. A coordinator's job = putting his players in positions to excel. Short of that, compete. Short of that, not get his QB killed and throw INTs at a geometric rate. Plus we've seen almost no rhythm, no cohesive plan, no grand strategy, no taking advantage of the opposing DC's tendencies. Reminds me of Hackett and Schotty - seemingly pulling plays out of a hat. Whereas the Pats - that offense looked awfully similar to vintage Pats with Brady. You could just tell as the game wore on - they knew exactly when the Jets D would bite on screen plays, play action, other creative play designs catered to kill. One example that stood out: the killer play-action pass to a TE Henry or Smith, mid-late 3rd quarter I think it was. It semi iced the game. The Jets bit hard on the play action, no doubt as they were up against the clock. The Pats knew it and took advantage. One step ahead repeatedly. I can't even think of one play LaFleur managed that. McDaniels Sun Tzu'ed the Jets D - won the battle before it was fought. Conversely LaFleur got soundly Sun Tzu'ed by Belichick week 2 and the Panthers DC week 1. On a somewhat positive note both defenses the Jets faced have looked damn good 2 weeks in.
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