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  1. White on white looks like pajamas. I hate that there is no contrast between the lower and upper body, just looks goofy. Never mind that we played like ass using white on white last time and our best game ever vs NE was with pickle pants.
  2. First 24 plays are scripted? Would explain why we can’t move the ball until late in the 4ths
  3. KC is better than Dallas and Cardinals
  4. For a year or two he was by far the best player on our team
  5. Yay two week + hamstring issue. Last time I heard this the guy ended up missing two years
  6. Didn’t Moore get concussed in a reverse
  7. Eh… if the defense makes a stop at the end we have a chance. Comebacks happen all the time in the NFL.
  8. Sanchez had the clutch gene, you can’t deny that. Stage was never too big.
  9. Why do you feel the need to rage at a tweet showing a nice throw? Funny that you don’t complain about tweets showing bad Wilson plays even though every QB makes bad throws, especially rookies. It’s OK to panic and over analyze mistakes but not the good? How does a Darnold prayer duck compare to this dime? That ball went like 30 yards on a rope and was thrown with a lot of anticipation. Mac Jones can’t dream of making that pass.
  10. Kingsbury came into this year on the hot seat, if the cards don’t go see in the playoffs they will fire him cardinals haven’t won sh*t IMO Murray is the most overrated QB in the nfl.
  11. You could also get one that says TWO FIRSTS or THX SEATLE
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