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  1. Is that the attitude you’re going to watch the game with? I’m telling you right now it’s not healthy. OMFG HE ONLY THREW FOR 145 Half the NFL threw for less than 200 on Sunday. Those of you demanding 250 and 2 TDs, you realize that equals 4300 yards and 32 TDs in a season right? Is that what you expect from your rookie? I am not saying Wilson had a good game, not by any stretch. It doesn’t change his accuracy issues which are real. I just find it funny how small the difference can be between good and bad in the NFL. Breaks/bounces in this game are real If
  2. I didn’t whiff on Darnold. I was correct to not give up on him until I did. Just because you were “right” in the end doesn’t mean your process to get there was.
  3. Did you forget about the second half of the panthers game? The Titans game? The start of the second NE game? The 13/19 stretch last week? Yes, he’s had a lot of bad, and he’s struggling with some bizarre accuracy issue right now, but, there has been some good. The way group think brain washes people this day and age is incredible.
  4. Wrong on a thousand levels. “Hero balls”? “More on the wr”? Lol
  5. Are you sh*tting me? Kid put on an absolute clinic against Tennessee. He put the team on his back and won this game. It was a laser show Not to mention that he was clutch in OT on top of it all Wilson almost brought us back against the panthers and Atlanta as well
  6. Why don’t you look it up before quoting me with misinformation? Darnold threw 39 INTs his first three years, Sanchez threw 51
  7. Sanchez had horrible short accuracy and was more turnover prone than Sam
  8. Moore is a piece, he’s not a #1 target. This team is desperately missing a big go to reliable target. Mahomes and Allen can literally lock in to Kelce and Diggs for critical downs. We need that
  9. Yes the cover 3 scheme made famous be the best secondary in NFL history. The Seahawks took earl thomas in the first and gave up two firsts for Jamal. They value safety a ton in their scheme.
  10. Hamilton has injury concerns I am not touching that
  11. You are revising history with Darnold. He showed promise his rookie year. Detroit, Colts, Denver, Bills, Texans, Packers. All great games he put together his rookie year throwing to literal nobodies. Plus he ended strong. His second year he improved significantly in every statistical category despite mono. Comp % TDs-INts yards, wins, etc. a good second year and the progression you want to see. Do you remember how abysmal this team was that year with him out of the lineup? Third year he sucked and we dumped him. We literally got rid of Darnold as soon as humanly possible. Probably
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