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  1. what play are you talking about? The Davis Td? He was open, in fact he re routed him to get open. You are literally re inventing things in your head brother. I saw how giddy you were on YouTube after the Tennessee game, never seen you happier. Now they were bad decisions? You’d rather him check it down there? lol. None of those plays were bad decisions, they were amazing plays. Criticizing them is just self loathing.
  2. Actually it’s the opposite. The woke mafia that thought Justin Fields dropped because he is black hates the Mormon “maga” QB
  3. Chad Pennington was the all time leader in completion percentage. If griffin doesn’t drop that TD pass Sunday Wilson ends up with a 63% completion percentage… you think he looked accurate? Probably the most meaningless stat of them all.
  4. What decision was reckless? Those were HOF all time plays he made. Maybe they are reckless for Mike White, but they are the exact reason he was drafted #2 overall. He missed one easy pass to griffin, ONE.
  5. Mike white threw for 405 with black uniforms if Wilson doesn’t he’s a bust
  6. Serious question, have you watched the video? The rush doesn’t come from the left, it comes from the gap. Wilson moves AWAY from the pressure by going left. He expects ty Johnson to block the DL coming from the inside. Spinning right there makes no sense as you would be moving away from your blocker (the RB). Ty Johnson can’t block, which is ultimately why the play was blown up.
  7. He also has a RB who he expects will chip the DL. Every QB in the NFL gets sacked, and even the goats get sacked often for much less. Expecting Wilson to consistently get out of this type of cluster**** is not rational.
  8. Looking at the play, our offense got abused on several levels and 9/10 times that is a sack no matter who the QB is.
  9. Do you understand how football works? His read was Moore on a 1 on 1, he has no time to get to his second read. You think QBs scan the whole field simultaneously and choose who to throw to? LOL
  10. Im sorry what on earth are you saying? He has a freaking running back there to block, who completely wiffs. The LT wiffs as well. Literally nothing Wilson could have done on that play other than maybe throw it while Moore was on the ground
  11. Holy sh*t Fant and Johnson absolutely embarrassing on that play. Yea let’s blame Wilson for not tossing it instantly to a receiver that was on the ground
  12. You are clueless, did you even watch the video? Play was dead half a second half we the snap
  13. lol the Moore TD where there was a free rusher and the WR slipped? Lmao yes I guess if Wilson pre determined the throw and threw it recklessly it might have been a TD. “He’s playing hero ball looking for the big play! Holding it too long!” - referencing play that was dead 0.5 seconds after the snap. That play was on Moore for running a sh*t route/slipping and ty Johnson for completely Whiffing on this block
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