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  1. 6 hours ago, jgb said:

    You quit the board and burned your old user name over Darnold. You openly wished him to be amazing in CAR to make the Jets look dumb. Oh, you care very deeply about being right on a messageboard.

    Every morning I look forward to you quoting me, thank you. 

    I literally said that I hope I am wrong about LaFleur . So I don’t really know WTF you’re talking about. Did you get checked for the stroke?

    Please show me the post where I openly wished Darnold to be amazing in Car to make the Jets look dumb. In fact, I was all in on dumping Darnold for Wilson once I accepted he busted.

    And yes, I am hiding my old identity, which is why I am posting on a caricature version of my old name. 

  2. 49 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    You're very patient and understanding.  You seem to have a very high tolerance for losing as long as they tell you there is a "plan".

    Do you think it takes four-five full years years (2023 will be JD's fifth season as GM) to "reload" an NFL roster to just get to being competitive?

    What would it take, if anything, for you to want to fire JD and/or Saleh at the end of 2022?  What is your line in the sand?

    Competitive and making the playoffs are different things. We are competitive in about half our games this year. Next year I can see 7-9 wins. Then hopefully 9+ wins in 2023.

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  3. 6 hours ago, jgb said:

    But you just attributed the offensive improvement to LaFleur moving to the booth and adjusting his playcalling.

    You've yet somehow pre-excused a terrible performance by Wilson against the Texans as not Wilson's fault.

    Don't throw out a disk.

    Martial Arts Reality GIF by CBS

    I’m sorry WTF are you talking about? 

    Are you having a stroke? 

    Happy thanksgiving 

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  4. 1 minute ago, GREENBEAN said:

    This.  A whole lot has changed since then.  Also Cavanaugh is now running the sideline. Not Lafleur. Lafluer can be up there in his nerd hole while an actual football player deals with all the player interactions and issues. Let ML just sit up there and work on the game plan. Its what he wants to do. Let Cavanaugh run the show on the field and let Beck and Calabrese sit with Zach and their microsoft surfaces and go over intricacies of the QB position.  It's finally close to what we intended with Greg Knapp.   

    Don’t forget the dropped passes and blown OL assignments. Those were RAMPANT early in the year.

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