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  1. Moore is a piece, he’s not a #1 target. This team is desperately missing a big go to reliable target. Mahomes and Allen can literally lock in to Kelce and Diggs for critical downs. We need that
  2. Yes the cover 3 scheme made famous be the best secondary in NFL history. The Seahawks took earl thomas in the first and gave up two firsts for Jamal. They value safety a ton in their scheme.
  3. Hamilton has injury concerns I am not touching that
  4. You are revising history with Darnold. He showed promise his rookie year. Detroit, Colts, Denver, Bills, Texans, Packers. All great games he put together his rookie year throwing to literal nobodies. Plus he ended strong. His second year he improved significantly in every statistical category despite mono. Comp % TDs-INts yards, wins, etc. a good second year and the progression you want to see. Do you remember how abysmal this team was that year with him out of the lineup? Third year he sucked and we dumped him. We literally got rid of Darnold as soon as humanly possible. Probably too soon, though it ended up being the right move.
  5. If you think the difference between the bills becoming a dynasty or not is a regular season game vs the Mac Jones patriots they have no chance at becoming a dynasty
  6. It was the most yardage. It wasn’t in the top 50 best performances since then.
  7. We had multiple trolls claiming this was a bad throw yesterday
  8. This teams needs a #1 WR a # 1 TE a C a RG
  9. Why the F would we draft Mac Jones if he’s already on our roster?
  10. Tom, it’s ok to say that Wilson bounced back nicely from a rough start to lead his team to a win. He was mediocre yet put up more points than the last two weeks.
  11. No one is claiming this was some great performance by Wilson. You on the other hand are still jerking it to the bengals game.
  12. No one is saying that. But he did some ok things. Half the NFL threw for less than 200 yards yesterday
  13. But you’re blwoing mike white for racking up 400 yards off glorified hand offs, got it
  14. I honestly question if you’ve watched football before this year. No team in their right mind throws the ball in that situation.
  15. Watch his college career, pre season, weeks 1-4 for the accuracy you want. He’s got the yips right now.
  17. So you’re saying that Adam Gase and last years squad was good and being dragged down by Sam Darnold?
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