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  1. 6 minutes ago, Flea Flicking Frank said:

    Heres where I kind of disagree. I do agree that its clear LaFleur is running a different offense with and without Zach, and his offense looks far better without Zach.

    But here is where I disagree, and I think Lafleur is doing a terrible, terrible job with Zach.... With Zach, he is so much more predictable run on first down almost every time and the defense knows its coming and they run blitz. This sets up 2nd and long and puts the huge blitz and press on, which almost inevitably sets up up the same on 3rd down, and on 3rd and long Zach gets killed.

    Lafleur being afraid of Wilson is putting Wilson in far worse situations becuase of this, and someone needs to step in.

    You have basically 2 options, org agree to sit Wilson until Lafleur won't setup this run/run/pass model, or, Lafleur needs to figure out a way to put Zach in better situations. 

    What Lafleur is doing now is worst of all situations IMO. Its not helping Zach, and its not helping the team. I have no problem sitting Zach, but if you are going to play him, you absolutely have to stop putting him in predictable situations all the damn time. You can see the defense knows exactly whats coming almost every play.


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  2. 10 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    I dunno what it’s gonna take for people to accept that the Jets are not going to invest heavy resources into the secondary in a Cover-3 scheme.  Whether they want the team to do so or not.  

    Yes the cover 3 scheme made famous be the best secondary in NFL history. The Seahawks took earl thomas in the first and gave up two firsts for Jamal. They value safety a ton in their scheme. 

  3. 33 minutes ago, jetlaw said:

    Have we learned nothing from Darnold? First we blamed bowles, then the o-line. Then poor weapons. Then we blamed the mother of all scapegoats - Gase. The fact is Darnold was not and never will be a franchise qb. Too many flaws: can’t read a defense, bad decision making, bad foot work, inaccurate deep ball. Zach Wilson is even worse. We can’t waste another 3 years on a garbage qb. If he doesn’t show signs of improvement by the end of the year we should be considering other options.

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    You are revising history with Darnold. He showed promise his rookie year. Detroit, Colts, Denver, Bills, Texans, Packers. All great games he put together his rookie year throwing to literal nobodies. Plus he ended strong. 

    His second year he improved significantly  in every statistical category despite mono. Comp % TDs-INts yards, wins, etc. a good second year and the progression you want to see. Do you remember how abysmal this team was that year with him out of the lineup? 

    Third year he sucked and we dumped him. We literally got rid of Darnold as soon as humanly possible. Probably too soon, though it ended up being the right move. 


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  4. 2 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    You want the Bills to have a crisis of confidence. You want to keep them from feeling elite for as long as you can. Lord knows the Jets aren’t in position to stop them, so you may as well hope the Pats can.

    If you think the difference between the bills becoming a dynasty or not is a regular season game vs the Mac Jones patriots they have no chance at becoming a dynasty 

  5. 1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

    Mike White throws for 400+ against the Bengals:

    Jets fan: Actually, that was all RAC yardage


    Zach Wilson throws for 145 yards against the Texans:

    Jets fan: But they were strategically crucial 145 yards

    No one is claiming this was some great performance by Wilson. You on the other hand are still jerking it to the bengals game. 

  6. 1 minute ago, More Cowbell said:

    All the more reason not to give them the ball back. Look, I get that we won and I'm happy for that but imo, the CS made a statement about how much they trusted Zack. I dare to say every other team tries to end the game with a first down

    I honestly question if you’ve watched football before this year. No team in their right mind throws the ball in that situation. 

  7. 31 minutes ago, jgb said:

    I can’t believe in a QB until he demonstrates at minimum a satisfactory degree of touch and placement on short and intermediate WCO concept routes. Sorry, just haven’t seen it. At least not yet.

    Watch his college career, pre season, weeks 1-4 for the accuracy you want. He’s got the yips right now. 

  8. 9 minutes ago, UnknownJetFan said:

    Many of those numbers are like I said in another thread, if you run for around 150 yards like even many of those teams and the Jets did, passing is usually in the 150-200 yard range. That is ultimately how you would like to play football since you control the game and minimize risks with not too many passes.


  9. Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

    Yep.  I seem to recall in Nico's farewell him saying something to the effect of "F**k this team, I'm out."

    Not "F**k Darnold for making me believe in him for 3 years."  He said "f**k this team."  A very telling distinction.  

    So you’re saying that Adam Gase and last years squad was good and being dragged down by Sam Darnold? 

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