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  1. 11 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

    Hmmm, ok, so let’s test this objectivity thing. Does the rest of the offense play better or worse when Zach is in? 

    Why is that a relevant question? Wilson aside, do you think the OL, WRs, Run game, and play calling hasn’t changed since weeks 1-3? They scored 17 points the previous two weeks, they scored 21 last week. Without our #1 WR or #1 RB. They had a great game against Tennessee and a great game against Cinci. The Colts game was a complete blow out so I don’t know what to make of that. 

  2. 23 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

    Seriously? You really think what you do is positive? Attacking anything that isn’t massaging the particular QB you chose as “ the one” is positive? In case you didn’t know positive is not the opposite of objective. 

    Being negative is no more objective than being positive when talking about an NFL player after 6 games. 

    Keep putting words in my mouth, not once have I said anything other than wilson is talented needs time to develop. 


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  3. Please stop acting like we gave up on Darnold too late, we dumped him as early as humanly possible. 

    He had a promising rookie year 

    Improved across the board statistically in every single category year 2, despite the whole mono bull sh*t. Comp %, yards, TDs, Wins, etc  -“” significantly improved. 

    struggled year 3 - dumped 



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  4. 4 hours ago, Irish Jet said:

    Why didn't they include completion %, QB rating or QBR?

    For those who don't know, against those teams respectively:

    Mac Jones:

    Texans - 76.7% - 95.3 Rating - 70.0 QBR - 25 points - Win

    Falcon - 84.6% - 96.6 Rating - 39.1 QBR - 25 points - Win

    Titans - 71.9% - 123.2 Rating - 72.9 QBR - 36 points - Win

    Panthers - 66.7%- 85.2 Rating - 24.8 QBR - 24 points - Win

    Zach Wilson

    Texans - 58.3% - 58.5 Rating - 9.8 QBR - 21 points - Win

    Falcons - 59.4%  - 63.5 Rating - 19.7 QBR - 20 points - Lose

    Titans - 61.8% - 97.3 Rating - 45.3 QBR - 27 points - Win

    Panthers - 54.1% - 82.9 Rating - 32.7 QBR - 14 points - Lose



    Even in your cherry picked games and Zach's garbage time inflation Mac absolutely destroys him. This is honestly the saddest attempt at coping that I have ever seen. 

    It's just f*cking pathetic reading this place of late. Embarrassing levels of denial, desperately clinging on to any hope that the very clearly very bad QB is good actually. 

    Mac Jones is a far better QB than Zach Wilson. The sooner you accept that the less painful it will be. 

    Ah yes the old "stop cherry picking" argument based around cherry picking of your own. Of course you cherry pick comp % and rating which are directly tied to each other and easily manipulated by scheme and coaching. Of course. Not to mention crediting WINS to the QB. If anything Wilson having 2 wins with this team and "coaching" is significantly more impressive than Mac Jones riding the coat tails of literally the greatest coach in NFL history. 

    You know what the pathetic thing is? People like you who decide to throw away any positive shown by your rookie QB that has played 5 games and instead choose to sh*t spray hyperbolic statements about how terrible his is all over a message board. 

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