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  1. Wilson certainly needs to work on his accuracy/consistency. 

    But, we have to make things easier for him. On that 3rd down his only options were two 15 yard outs that were completely blanked and a Corey Davis underneath 5 yards behind the line to gain. Too many deep long developing routes. The play action just isn’t working, the whole point of play action is to scheme your first read open and they are never open. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Pac said:

    I've been ignoring the @s.  No reason to continue this bizarre waltz with you.  Literally everything i said would happen did and everything you predicted was woefully inaccurate.

    I dont care what Adams looks like this season.  Hes a perennial all pro safety for the Seahawks.  I stopped paying attention after his history making year last year.  If you get your rocks off bashing him go for it but don't expect me to care.


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