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  1. 1 hour ago, New York Mick said:

    Why is this such a big deal? They’re talking about him losing the locker room or him resigning. Did I miss something?

    In this day and age what Meyer did shows a complete lack of awareness, professionalism, and commitment. No one cares that he shoved his finger up a girls ass, they care that he was dumb enough to do it in public and embarrass his team. Guy has zero situational awareness and is a horrible leader. 

  2. 45 minutes ago, Action Zachtion said:

    Lots of garbage moving the goal posts getting set up for later.   Factor in the drops and he is very accurate.  

    QBs miss throws sometimes.  That's ok.  

    Our WRs also need to grow.    Maybe two feet or less too far and Trex arms diddnt even try.   He was trying to avoid a late pick 6 but he will learn.  Mims is frustrating because he seems to go get the ball and that's a need.  

    Underrated element of the 3rd and 10 throw. He put it in a safe spot in case the DB jumped it. It’s an anticipation throw before the break… 

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Was just going to say this.  

    We want QBs to do exactly what we wanted out of our QB, we get it and we hear about these so called "hero balls".  

    When did having the your QB improvise when he saw the safety drop off and signal the WR to go long, and drop a 60 yard bomb become reason to NOT vote for him as the weeks best?

    The same ones we drool over when the passes come out of the passing hand of a Mahomes or whoever.  All because someone came up with an invented concern about a couple of QBs heading into the draft.  


    They are in lala land 

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  4. 1 minute ago, The Crusher said:

    That’s a good point. We can add the only reason they beat the lowly Jets is likely the 4 interceptions thrown. The the rookie QB threw, while the rest of the team looked like they were actually trying to win that one. 

    Mac Jones is a big doofus who likely reached his ceiling already. They have 100% protected him and have not asked him to win games  because they are smart enough to know his limitations. 

    Yes, you have to eventually win games and you do that by functioning in all levels of the games. Hitting the routine ones is a big part of that and can likely be taught over time, that’s the good news Fido.

    Zach has been asked to carry the team and I’m assuming he was also asked to hit the routine throws as well. Kid was spectacular this week and at times missed ones he should have had. His sky is the limit! Reminds me a bit of Josh Allen’s rookie season so far, makes some amazing  throws and leaves some easy ones on the table. 

    In the end, it would be easier for him to carry the team if he hit the routines throws along with the big time ones. I’d like to see that before I get too damn excited, that’s all. If that makes me silly, we’ll damn it! I’m silly then! 

    Why are we acting like he misses every routine throw he had?

  5. 7 hours ago, Pac said:

    The rotund one is correct.  Zach needs to make those routine throws and make better decisions to get whatever ribbon they give you for RoOKie oF teH WeAk.

    What he did Sunday was the equivalent of a long drive champion in golf.  You'll hit some awesome looking hero shots and get some props but you can't actually win in the PGA.

    Not saying he'll never get there but lets slow down..  he was the worst QB in football hands down through 3 weeks that finally had a good game.  Lets see if we can get 2 in a row.

    I honestly don’t know what is happening to some of you. It’s like you only can cope with the Jets sucking so you distort reality to allow you to still be miserable. 

    Yout analogy is horrible. A better analogy is winning a golf tournament with spectacular shots and power, missing a 5 footer to ice the win in regulation and having to go to a playoff and winning there.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

    That’s a you problem who you agree with. This isn’t a skills challenge. This is a game that requires more than a couple legendary throws and only showing up for 40% of the game and missing two plays to put the game away. He has to improve his pocket presence and make the throws that don’t make highlight films. That’s all, kids gonna be great. Just not yet. 

    He completed 62% of his passes and threw for 300 yards. And two 55 yard bombs are worth as much as 22 completions for 5 yards like your boy Mac Jones specializes in. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, The Crusher said:

    Cool story Fido. We honestly have no idea what he said and I agree he played way better after 60% of the game was over. If you want that to be because everyone let him down until then then that’s just fine. Have at it. 

    Nobody said anything meant nothing but I’m not sure how practical we have to hope we win games by missed field goals in overtime. He should have hit that out to Davis or that pass to the tight end he threw in the dirt in the red zone. That doesn’t make anything else he did any less important but those are plays he needs to make going forward. No idea why that upsets you. 

    Rookie of the week? Who cares? We need him to start delivering weekly, not sporadically with a couple wow throws and plenty of throws he simply should have made. We need him to be able to close out games by making the throws that are there. I loved the heroics and I love the kid, but I need more from him. That’s all. 

    I agree that was all good and he was awesome, just needs to do the little things better. Yes, he was awesome in crunch time, he led his team to victory but needed dumb luck to do it. That’s a tie 7-10 times. Still kinda waiting for his first NFL game without a pick to be honest. He’s had one without a touchdown already or do we forget that one after this one? Or is that someone else’s fault? 

    I said he sucked? In this thread? I thought I’ve been very positive and hopeful and I said a lot of positive things about him. If I said he sucked please point it out and I’ll edit it. 

    Or by my not feeling motivated to vote him rookie of the week means I said he sucked? Wow, I think you’re better than that Fido. 



    You’ve been brainwashed by the Mac Jones ball washing. “Hero ball” is an insult used to described reckless play, Wilson was an elite playmaker on Sunday. Mahomes level stuff. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Irish Jet said:

    2020 Regular Season

    Adams had 5.4 YPC with 2 TD's on 29 carries.

    Perine had 3.6 YPC with 2 TD's on 64 carries. 

    2021 Preseason

    Adams had 5.4 YPC on 14 carries

    Perine had 2.6 YPC with 1 TD on 18 carries.


    I don't think it's that anyone thinks Adams is a superstar but just that he's better than some of the trash we have. Perine can't stay healthy either. Adams should have been ahead of him if nothing else. Still would have wanted more game time I imagine but he should go somewhere where he's actually treated fairly. 


    What did Ty Johnson average last year?

  9. 7 minutes ago, Biggs said:

    Your brain is the most complex physical organ in your body.  There are plenty of dummies with small brains and great hamstrings who are uncordinated.  Kurt Warner is in the HOF because of the processing speed of his brain.  A physical gift. 

    You act like the skills don't have to be learned.  They just happen becuase.  They don't.  Physical gifts that you don't attribute to brain function are almost irrelevant to great professional athletes.  

    You’re just being argumentative. Steven hawking is greatest athlete to ever live now? 

  10. 27 minutes ago, Biggs said:

    The brain and the ability to see the things other people can't and process it into action at lightning speed is definetly a physical gift.  It translates to every sport including boxing. 

    He's an outstanding QB prospect who is right now the best rookie QB in this class.  

    The conditions last night were terrible.  It was a high pressure game.  He played well with a team that was outmanned across the board.   Tom Brady looked like dog sh*t in the same conditions with an allstar team. 

    No genius, it’s a gift but not a physical gift. It’s a mental gift, of the mind. 

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