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  1. I think there is some truth to this post.
  2. He also has the best OL in football, Check out this TD at 1:35 all Mac Jones baby.
  3. Correlation does not equal causation. I can play that game too. Jets scored 21 yesterday vs 17 the last two weeks. The Jets point differential is also infinitely better with Wilson then without. We turn the ball over at a much lower rate with Wilson than with white.
  4. Putting the first Q issues on Wilson is a total oversimplification. Take yesterday for example, Moore slips and protection breaks down on 3rd down forcing a FG vs TDs. OL issues and drops were rampant seems 1-5. Don’t forget that
  5. No idea, how is that relevant to the Mac Jones conversation?
  6. Sure legit franchise QBs always score their TDs in perfect stride 100% of the time. Also that pass from Wilson was, in stride, griffin needs to make that catch 10/10 times it was routine
  7. He’s chad Pennington. If you think that’s good enough then good for you.
  8. Strange line, Vegas begging people to take Jets. Could be a blow out loss for us
  9. You wanted to play for a TD on 3rd and 20? When your run game is working and your defense is playing well why would you pass against a defense that came with with 10 turnovers over the last two weeks?
  10. Which part did you disagree with? Did we not score more points yesterday than the last two weeks?
  11. Because Mike White threw 8 picks in 3 games and had 5 other horrible interceptions dropped by defenders. The Jets scored 17 points the last two weeks, 21 yesterday. Your yardage will not be as high when you’re playing with a lead and the run game is working.
  12. If you can’t back up your opinions then they are just hot air. I’ve done nothing but explain my thought process yet get sh*t on for it. This place is sad.
  13. I asked a question, why don’t you answer it? isn’t this a discussion board?
  14. I’m sorry what is this slow processor thing now? Which plays from yesterday were the result of a slow processor?
  15. I don’t agree that his decision making the last 4 weeks has been suspect, he has 3 picks, Corey Davis slipped on one and the back pick was the unluckiest play I’ve ever seen. I think his accuracy issues are mostly mental right now. I did see this in college but it was 1/10 short throws not 5/10. If you look at the pre season and weeks 1-4 this wasn’t an issue. Despite the accuracy issues which hopefully are temporary, Wilson has shown progress since the Tennessee game. Let’s not forget that before the Ten game the narrative was Wilson’s lack of support. Dropped balls, OL issues, play calling. This narrative around the accuracy started in the 4th Q of Tennessee with the miss to griffin.
  16. You never saw hackenberg play. Wilson was not missing these short passes in the pre season or really until the 4th Q of the Titans game.
  17. Jets offense scored 17 points the last two weeks… “humming”
  18. 6 in a row. I gotta give it to you, I have no ******* idea what you’re talking about
  19. 5 in last 6 minutes, impressive
  20. That’s like the fourth completely non sensical post you’ve made in the last 5 minutes.
  21. Keep putting words in my mouth, it’s working out great for you.
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