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  1. 1 minute ago, Smashmouth said:

    My point is I'm not judging this by one game Im judging by the fact we always seem to have the worst skill players in the NFL and this team and fan base needs some excitement. Even if the QB and the OL is struggling at some point you expect a player to make a play and our guys can't even consistently catch the football to extend drives , what does that do for the development of our rookie QB when he makes a play and it turns into sh*t.

    Yes we all agree with that

  2. 4 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    Ahh so I guess the Bengals have crappy players at the skill positions as well ? Is that what your saying ?

    Tyler Boyd Jamarr Chase and Joe Mixon start all day over the crap we put on the field as do the skill players for the Jag's and my point is its not even close. 

    I am not saying that. But if you’re judging only by this game I don’t know how you can feel about the Jets watching the Bengals- they look like the Jets so far. 

  3. 22 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    That's the NFL, amigo.  Not sure what else to tell you.  The play was designed for Zach to throw ball immediately when his foot drops on his 3rd step and he didnt, so the play was doomed and he was sacked.  He struggles with this badly.  JT O'Sullivan points it out in almost all of his breakdowns, Zach footwork is atrocious. He doent stop his drops, he just keeps fading.  That was not an impossible window at all.  He threw balls successfully into much tighter coverage.  There wasnt a free rusher down the middle until Zach pulled the ball down, which should never have happened because the ball should have been out.  Berrios breaking away?  That's not the call.  Again, look at the still, he was ready to throw it, Davis was clearly open and he hesitated and pulled the ball down and got sacked.. 

    Look, I know everyone has to find the singular blame in every situation but as I said in my original post; that play is a perfect summary of sh*tty design, sh*tty QB, sh*tty WR's.   At all symptomatic of each other.


    How do you know what the call is? I see three receivers well behind the line, even if Davis catches the ball in am not sure he gets the first. Lastly, if Davis wasn’t the primary on that play your point is irrelevant 

    here is another view, you really think Davis gets to the first down marker? That defender has good position 


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  4. 1 minute ago, Integrity28 said:

    LaFleur has only known and worked in one offensive system. 

    Similar to Mangini when we hired him.

    This is the cost of doing business when you hire kids with limited resumes.

    Coaching hires need a scheme diverse track record if they’re going to tailor what they design to the talent they have. This is the #1 reason our offense set is a sh*t show. LaFleur only has the experience abs ability to view our players thru one lens.

    As such, Saleh, being an inexperienced HC also doesn’t have the wherewithal to compensate for LaFleus inexperience.

    Saleh is equally as inexperienced on the defensive side 

  5. 11 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    Someone else showed this play in another thread and I think this play perfectly displays the questionable scheme and Zach's struggles.

    Yes, this design is bad but Corey Davis is open.  Look at stills 2 and 3 (you can see him getting ready to throw on 3).  That is a very easy 10 yard throw, ball should be out in 2 seconds to his favorite target and should be a completion.   The first receiver in this set is covered, Davis has a LB'er playing 7 yards off him and then the 3 receiver is doubled.  The pocket is perfect, Zach doesnt pull the trigger, maybe Davis gets to the 35, maybe he doesnt, but Zach doest give him a chance because he pulls the ball down and is sacked.  

    So it's a triple doozy, terrible play design, terrible receivers and a QB scared to throw the ball.


    Yes when you freeze frame the play with a magnifying glass it looks like he has a small window to throw to Davis. That is a ridiculous way to play football. In real time that is absolute cluster****. Also if Davis isn’t the first read on that play it’s not possible to even get to him because there is a free rusher down the middle. 

    Believe it or not if the OL can protect on this play I think it’s a TD because berrios cuts up field and is wide open with daylight 


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  6. 1 hour ago, KO91 said:

    This 100 percent correct. The strength of the offense is its WR depth. They should not be running so many two TE sets where they only get 2 WRs on the field. 

    We need the TE on the field to help Zach stay alive. The difference is that SF has Kittle and Jueyzeck to fill those roles. Not to mention their receivers and backs have absolute rockets up their ass so they can tear the field and get open from a bunch formation. Night and ******* day.

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