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  1. 13 hours ago, Zachtomims47 said:

    Whoa whoa whoa.
    You’re telling me there’s mistakes with a rookie qb and rookie wr and a rookie OC in their first year of the system, in their 2nd game together?????

    I am for one, am stunned. 

    Im sorry but if you can’t design an offense and call plays you shouldn’t be an oc. This is not a position where you can learn on the job. 

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  2. 36 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    Saleh, literally calls him Lil Mikey.  I like Saleh, willing to give him a chance, certainly not writing the book on him and blaming him for the state of the franchise like the 2 disgusting trolls polluting the board with Adam Gase was a hero sh*t but this seems like one of those, I dont have deep relationships with anyone in the NFL so I'm going to hire my friends situation with his coordinators.  Just a bizarre choice as a rookie HC to literally surround yourself with an inexperienced staff who is leading a super duper wet behind the ears rookie project at QB and the youngest roster in the NFL.  

    He hired Greg Knapp to be defacto OC2 and QB developer…

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Hael said:

    A running theme these two weeks are the lack of separation our WRs are creating.   Playcall isn't helping, but other than Berrios, its not been great.  Play after play involves a lot of route running blunders, and little things that are tipping the WRs hand to the D.

    We need Crowder back ASAP!

    Being honest our WR group is very overrated. Not one guy that scares the defense. 

    Elija Moore just does not pop physically to me. 

    Davis is what he is

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