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  1. You don’t understand math at all. I have no personal connection to Wilson.
  2. Elijah Moore had two big drops today. One on 3rd and 3 (hit him square in the hands) and another on 2nd and 8 for a 6 yard gain late in the game. Not to mention he slipped in the red zone causing a sack on third down.
  3. Not once have I said Wilson is secretly great or close to it. He is simply a talented young player who needs time to develop. He could be a bust, I don’t know. Neither do you.
  4. Yet when Wilson completes a clutch 4th down all the announcers can muster up to say is “wobbly” pass.
  5. Can someone please explain to me what the **** I just watched?
  6. Are you making your every throw video today?
  7. R Wilson has thrown for 160 150 and 200 yards the last three weeks.
  8. the amount of money these colleges throw around for these coaches is just gross.
  9. Mike White would have made that 42 yarder
  10. dam elijiah moore couldn't get more than an inch of separation against the texans #2 DB?!
  11. yesI referenced those plays. They could have been ints, but not really because they were bad decisions/throws. A dropped int to me is one where the QB makes a bad read/throw and a defender just drops it. The berrios play like you said was a tipped ball, and the moore play was great coverage and an almost amazing play by the DB.
  12. Why? We laud shovel passes on a weekly basis. If Johnson catches the ball and runs for a first it’s a great play by Wilson. I’m sorry but I want Wilson to keep trying to make that play. It’s an almost zero risk play, there was no one near Johnson when he threw that. That was a 1/100,000,000 interception, just terribly unlucky.
  13. No matter how many times you tell yourself this won’t make it true
  14. Wilson is standing up for his guy, just the type of leader he is
  15. they had 10 turnovers in last 2 weeks and 4 picks against tannehill last week. This team also should have beaten the patriots and browns. With Tyrod Taylor they are not a push over at all. This team did beat Tenessee last week.
  16. that griffin TD is made on near every game basis. It was an easy sliding catch. We've already discussed the johnson play and its obvious that johnson was looking at wilson when he threw it,
  17. then leave and come back when they are to your standard. Thanks
  18. Dude look at the freaking frame that I provided. When wilson is throwing the ball johnson is still looking at wilson. You are lying to yourself.
  19. WTF is wrong with you? his pick was on ty johnson and the fluckiest of fluke plays. He had a TD dropped by griffin. he led 2 other TD drives. do you realize how many QBs threw for less than 200 yards this week? About the half the NFL.
  20. mike white threw 4 picks in his last start (should have EASILY been 7). He has 8 picks in 3 games (on pace for 45 through a 17 game season). Zack Wilson is 2-1 in his last 3 starts.
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