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  1. these announcers are the worst, it was a great play on 4th down
  2. why is it out of context? Do you know what the word context means? Why is not turning around at the worst possible moment defying the laws of physics? Ive seen this play completed dozens of times.
  3. yea we got lucky that the TE dropped a TD pass right before the FG attempt.
  4. Agreed, the fact that jets fans rather create a false narrative rather than look at the facts its truly dumb.
  5. i gave you photo evidence yet you still rather believe the crazy narrative in your little head. Truly ******* bizarre.
  6. was a great throw on the run, you're clueless. TD wilson BTW. Keep hating.
  7. I would love you to explain how I am wrong in this instance.
  8. why was it stupid? his receiver was open and looking at him.
  9. what is this nonesense? I already showed you the screen shot of him passing the ball behind the line. This useless screen grab is after the pass happened.
  10. why was it dumb? because he threw it to an open receiver that was looking at him?
  11. Wilson is behind the line and Johnson is looking at him as he is throwing it.
  12. He was behind the line and Johnson was looking at him. Keep hating though
  13. try to take your hysterically negative glasses off for one second and look at this play again. Ty johhnson is looking at wilson right as he starts to throw. It was the most absurdly unlucky sh*t ive ever seen.
  14. except for the 5 times hes already done this game. White would have 3 picks this half.
  15. wilson just executed a drive to perfect you and post this ?
  16. exactly, mike white does it and gets lauded wilson does it and gets laughed at
  17. exactly, mike white does it and gets lauded wilson does it and gets laughed at
  18. why would you NOT do that? You want to be down by 4?
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