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  1. Just now, Smashmouth said:

    Hey ya know what ?? Zach Wilson is playing Terrible . This is the worst QBing I have seen from this franchise in its existence and that's pretty damn bad. I'll bet Mike White is not even active today which is a travesty as well. 

    mike white threw 4 picks (should have been 7) last time he suited up. Please spare me. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Right? It’s like he doesn’t “get it” On the football traits and game plan 

    a little extreme no? he had a pass hit  RB in the back and miraculously  get intercepted. It was on 3rd and 17 after the OL got embarrassed at the snap. 

    Then we run for -3 on first down and drop a pass on second down. 


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  3. 8 hours ago, Peace Frog said:

    We’re not getting any top free agents.

    Last year everyone here assumed, no, took for granted we were signing Thuney AND Linsley.

    You know, because we had a billion dollars in FA money. 

    So once we locked up Thuney and Linsley it was just a matter of which top end FA WR and edge rushers we were going to sign. 

    You know, we’re the Jets. With a billion FA dollars. Everyone was dying to get here. 

    Guess what, we’re not getting any top FAs next year regardless of our cap situation. 

    There are 32 teams in this league, a third of them with a ton of FA cash. 

    We’d be lucky to get 2 second tier FAs.

    Free agent football players are not Jet fans.  They are “ME” fans. Whatever works for them is where they will sign. 


    Carl Lawson was the #1 edge and Davis was the #1 WR on the FA market 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    Played Atlantic Beach Country Club yesterday, used to be the Championship course for the Web.com tour.  Beautiful design, immaculate conditions.  Greens were lightning fast.  Very challenging.  Shot an 84, was hitting it great but could putt for sh*t, which is usually my strength but the greens were just insanely fast, couldnt read them or find the pace yesterday. 

    Playing at an 11.8, so basically a 12.  We'd be good match. 


    Sand bag much Bro if you’re a 12 84 on a tough course is as good as you can shoot! 

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